Police get all wet under the collar as common sense goes bye bye

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A police force has been accused of “lacking common sense” after hauling a motorist before the courts for driving through a puddle.

This jobsworth farce by Avon and Somerset Police, victimising an innocent driver just because some crybaby workman got his jeans a bit wet, oh boo hoo run home to mummy, could according to The Daily Mail cost tax payers over 5000 quid to complete.

Jason Evans 34 was hauled into court, fined £150 and had three points on his licence.
Mr Evans who previously had a clean licence, now has a criminal record(The only CRIMINAL act was the COPS NOT doing their jobs)
http://www.itn.co.uk/news/454105.html ITV News item on this story


Hallowish the Kids would get lost

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Yer ok screaming kids loud bangs hoards of unknown people wondering the streets dressed in freaky outfits knocking on ANYBODYS door damanding sweets or we’ll egg the place-Real social justice.
You may of noticed I don’t do Halloween it’s CRAP and I wish it would be got rid of,Kids terrorising innocent householders for kicks is not fun in any form it’s criminal plain and simple.
Right this very minute gangs of kids are roaming by making the most ungodly noise,their parents need a swift kick,when I was young I was totally banned from trick or treat,in the 70’s it was only just starting to appear and I was not too impressed even then,I did it once never again.

Britain roles out sham test to laughter of immigrants

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Foreigners who apply to become British citizens will have to swot up on British regional accents, the Church of England and a wide range of cultural information, it has been revealed.
Details of the new “Britishness test” were revealed by ministers on the day before the examination becomes compulsory to people who apply for naturalisation.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4393172.stm BBC story on new citizenship test

However, candidates will not be tested on British history?

They will have to answer 24 questions in the “Life in the UK” test and answer about 75% correctly to pass, a Home Office spokeswoman said.
The test legal tomorrow amazingly only has 24 questions and those doing the test only need 75% to pass plus they can refer to the British guide book for answers ?,so some bloody TEST being practically spoon fed questions a 3 year old would know plus irrelevant nonsense that makes no sense whether British or not.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4099770.stm a sample of pointless test questions from BBC
My take on this seems to be a non starter giving a fake test to look like there doing something when the test is worthless, it has no content about History !!! WHY surely that’s an integral part of an alleged citizenship exam.
I suspect any info given to so called people keen to be British( some one has to be)will be about the wonderful world of benefit fiddles and how to get all your ineligible family over at taxpayers expense, plus the ease at which they can disappear into society, be found out, lie then be let off with no fear of charges, the laughable efforts of the British State to paper over the Bullshit state of illegal immigration, and farm out these blatant sham tests is a sad exposé of a Raj in denial with it’s head in the sand.
Lets have a real test like America.
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/citizen/citizen.htm sample questions for US Citizenship test
http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizen/look/look-21e.html sample questions for Canadian citizenship test
http://www.citizenship.gov.au/ Australian Citizenship website
where REAL commitment is required to take a big test including ALL aspects of the Culture of the Country in Question so real citizens are made who care genuinely about their new home and not just about how much benefits they can swindle.

BRITISH Health Secretary Assumes Position

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British Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt closes her eyes, puts her fingers in her ears and sings la la la la I can’t hear you.

Following on from yesterdays post about the Smoking Ban ,I actually gave this woman a bit of cred for allegedly going for a total ban but today, oh no she’s a gutless Raj pawn who repeats the same rehearsed lines over and over, she may as well not appear live on TV a tape of her answers would do sat on a chair.
http://politics.guardian.co.uk/homeaffairs/story/0,11026,1600575,00.html A Guardian Newspaper article about the ban
As reported in the media Scottish MP attack dog John Reid’s slimy fingerprints are all over a Partial ban in ENGLAND that’s none of his business.

Watching the news this morning she just kept digging and digging a bigger hole for her career to be buried in.
ITV NEWS 07:30
The news presenter actually does a good job, Patricia Hewitt says “the ban is good for people across Britain” WHY as it’s for England only ?
The news presenter asks why it’s different in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland, why only a partial ban in England.
Patricia Hewitt said “well of course we now have Devolution so different parts have different solutions”
The news presenter then earned her money by asking about why it was that a Scottish MP aka John(stick your nose in to things that don’t concern you)Reid was pressuring an England only bill to make changes that don’t apply to him-SHE DIDN’T Answer.

Next on to The BBC NEWS 08:12
She said “the ban was to protect ALL WORKERS from second hand smoke, but allow adults to choose to smoke if they want”
Yet Ms Hewitt keeps banging on trying to repeat this line about it covering 99% of places, so THAT’S NOT ALL WORKERS THEN IS IT-what about that alleged 1%.
At Sky NEWS next 08:30
Eammon Holmes was good he pressured her straight away about N Ireland and why it’s different again in Scotland and Wales and why only a partial ban in England-she repeated the same line she gave to ITV about Devolution “well of course we now have Devolution so different parts have different solutions” she repeated the line about covering 99% like it was fine and dandy to damn 1%,plus she said “the devolution difference is a strength” to whom I wonder-The English NO B****Y WAY.


Britain throws crumbs to NON Smokers in England

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The BRITISH Governments smoking ban plan only for England got it’s big push today-see link
The outcome was a real fudge, not a ban more of a reduction in available coughing holes which still leaves countless non smokers in the S**t either breathing in that filth via passive smoking as a drinker or as a worker in the cancer filled death houses or Pubs to you.
I HATE SMOKING and have zero sympathy for people who insist on sitting near you and crying when you tell them to stub that out,oh boo hoo,go kill yourself somewhere else.

Watching the news you’d be forgiven for not really knowing where exactly the ban is as some news reports don’t actually say leaving you assuming it’s UK wide(muffled laughter),some point out it’s only in England but give no explanation why as if no one is bothered.
Sky News Reporter Adam Boulton didn’t seem to have a clue,he must have been in the loo when it was announced because at 6pm tonight live on air he commented on the ban in Ireland the one proposed for N Ireland and the one soon in Scotland and one in Wales but then spectacularly commented on the one in BRITAIN errrr ENGLAND come on wake up if reporters can’t get it right, I WAS NOT IMPRESSED.

ITV NEWS don’t fair much better as they said tonight at 6.20pm the ban covers England and Wales? errrrr quoting Adam, I don’t think so someone had better tell the Welsh about that one.
Their reporter indicated the ban IN England had been watered down partly due to pressure from the now infamous Labour attack dog Scotland’s very own John Reid, here we go again, a foreigner telling England to do something his own Country is going to ban, typical hypocrisy.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4370760.stm Smoking ban in disarray
But the British Health Secretary had said very interestingly she had wanted to protect(in her words according to ITV NEWS) THE NATIONS HEALTH)…..THE NATION,WHAT NATION, UK policy is England is 9 Regions it isn’t a Nation according to TB, so is the Health secretary admitting that deep down Labour knows England exists

For more info regarding other smoking bans-see links below
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/4376196.stm Wales win power for smoking ban

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/4014721.stm Welsh smoking ban stronger than England

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/actionnetwork/A2702143 current smoking ban situation in the British Isles

SO THERE WE HAVE IT Scotland, Wales N Ireland are all free, born free as free as the wind blows as free as the grass grows to decide for THEMSELVES that smoking is a load of Bo****ks and needs to be BANNED EVERYWHERE, yet again the astonishing arrogance of the British Government Telling England ONLY,YOU ARE GETTING THIS FARCE, signing death sentences to countless people in the future due to shortsighted petty handbags at dawn squabbles that WILL cost lives which would be unthinkable in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland.

Nelson gets it wrong on the day,England gets lumbered

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The Battle of Trafalgar,truly one of historys genuine masterpieces of strategy saving BRITAIN,not ENGLAND from the French/Spanish fleet.
Nelson a true British ICON in the most genuine sense at the height of his greatness got it wrong and disastrously Lumbered ENGLAND rather than Britain with the Victory remorselessly repeated adnorseum by Historians and the Media,
that (according to Wikipedia)on October 21, 1805 the most famous naval signal in British history was sent.
for full info on Trafalgar see link below

Nelsons mistaken use of the word ENGLAND rather than who was actually at the battle ie BRITAIN is something that really gets under my skin and I can’t stand hearing it,we in England find it hard enough not to be confused with UK so Nelsons mistake however accidental confuses everyone.
While searching out info for this I came upon a quote from The BBC website that is exactly right,see below
I know that the message on HMS Victory was “England expects” but by 1805 can we please remember that Victory and Nelson represented Britain following the 1707 Union. So, although they mistakenly said “England” at the time could BBC (or should I say EBC) reporters stop referring to “the English Victory” and “the English commander” as there were a great many Scots (including one of Nelson’s most trusted captains), Welsh and Irish involved in the “British” fleet and ultimate victory on the day.Ruairidh Ross, Inverness Scotland
(quote from BBC website)
Whilst Ruairidh is looking at it from a scots point of view,the view is correct it was a BRITISH VICTORY NOT ENGLAND(Note to Historians).

Tax payers money wasted AGAIN

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Again with the thumb sucking,arm waving and stamping of feet The Welsh have poured our tax money down the drain Again,moaning about Tony Raj Blair and his Scottish hot blood and the now infamous alleged F-ing Welsh comments back in 1999.
see this article below
Now according to the BBC or is that these days RBC for Raj Broadcasting Corp no further action is to be taken”well big bloody suprise there”-so how much did this pointless exercise cost,after the Anne Robinson fiasco you’d think a lesson had been learned about wasting Police time obviously not.

What problem,it’s in your mind,get a grip

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Popular opinion is a flirtatious creature, constantly changing it’s mind, what is OK one day is evil baby killing depravity the next.
One obvious example of a presumed PC mode of thought is the artificial presumption that something is wrong when actually there is no problem to be found, ie being English in England.
To most credible people it’s as natural as Day follows Night or Americans and friendly fire accidents, it’s just normal life, but sooner rather than later someone wakes up one day and decides just like that, that it’s really dumb rule day today and picks on the most obvious target that cannot defend itself-namely The English.
Flying The National flag to your average Nation is water of a ducks back, to NOT fly it is BAD unpatriotic, and rightly so until we venture into the reach of the Raj and their Vichy Welsh and English eyes and ears.
The Raj has indoctrinated millions of ex normal people in to a vast army of brainwashed spies eager to snitch on the slightest openly English gesture such as flag flying-below are a sample of credible people’s comments disproving the myth that we are somehow less worthy than Scots and should be treated as such.

(Source material BBC Website)
Have you ever noticed that when something like this is supposed to offend, it’s not the people who are supposed to be offended who complain ? It’s always someone who thinks other people will be offended?

I live in Norway and the Norwegian flag is flown with pride. Why can’t the English? The Norwegians I work with can’t understand why a country can even discuss not flying their flag.

I think it’s high time that we, the citizens of England, were able to fly the flag of St George without being told we might offend minorities. I’m originally from a minority (Sri Lankan by birth, British citizen now), and I’m not offended in the slightest. It’s time to claim the flag back for the honest, patriotic people of England.

I spend a lot of time in Denmark. There, the Danish flag is everywhere to be seen. It is normal for houses to have a flagpole flying it proudly. It is on cars and vans, boats, inside and outside shops; even on tablecloths, napkins and crockery. Nobody, regardless of their race, colour, creed or religion, is the slightest bit perturbed or embarrassed by this. Why can’t we English be the same?

The St George’s flag existed long before the modern notions of political correctness. No one would deny a proud Scot his right to fly the flag of St Andrew or a Welshman to wave the flag of St David, so why pick on the English? People who complain about the English flag are no better than the false accusations they make. What better example of racism than restricting the right of cultural expression?
(Above Quotes all taken from BBC Forum)

I can see that there is nothing for it but for the “non -English” peoples to start a mass movement to get the English permission to fly their own flag in England – England almost does not exist any more, even in England – perhaps especially in England…
(Quote taken from DigitaL Spy Forum)

So there we have it the majority of sane people in England suprise suprise find flying the English flag in England perfectly normal so why are the media saying otherwise-Answer is they have to ordered by the Raj to wage a major smear campaign against us.

Roll up Roll up Council says something STUPID

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Council Officers at Test Valley Council in Hampshire claim smoke from the fires on November 5 annoys neighbours, makes people ill and drifts over roads.
But yesterday, local folk told the authority to go to blazes over its killjoy plan.
MP Sandra Gidley, whose constituency is in the Test Valley area, said: ‘Saying don’t have a bonfire on Bonfire Night is political correctness gone stark, staring bonkers.
See link below for this article.

Here we go again another PC Council with little else to do but stare at the ceiling dreaming up ways to abuse peoples rights and draw attention to their own bigoted views.
But then of course we know why don’t we…….NO, then I’ll begin.
Bonfire Night is-(and here’s the science bit) An English Celebration– NOT Britain ”oh I see now I understand you say”
So you see as an English thing it is fair game for all sorts of wakos to crawl out of their hole and impose bigoted discriminatory rules on us that would not fly anywhere else, as England has no Political voice such as a National Parliament, or a social profile such as being recognised as a NATION we have no way of telling these Turncoats to get stuffed.
Bonfire Night is a celebration or remembrance whatever you like of The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when England was STILL free and a Nation State, with an Army, Navy and Parliament of our own, at this time the Raj was still in it’s infancy and would not control us for a further 102 years.
The failed plot by Guy Fawkes and 12 conspirators to blow up The ENGLISH PARLIAMENT(and I do mean English as it did still exist then) and King James l(seed of the Raj) in 1605 sparked the rhyme: ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.-see links below for further info
http://www.gunpowder-plot.org/ (The Gunpowder Plot Society)
I know as a child growing up in the 70’s Bonfire night was not so much about history but a great chance to get rid of as much unwanted junk on the fire as was possible, everywhere people were just having a B- good evening, a baked potato cooked in the ash,a few fireworks, the obligatory sparkler burn (ouch),history did take a back seat, but 25-30 years ago Bonfire Night say between 3rd -6th of November was the only time kids got to see fireworks, remember that 3-4 days a year was it,then bye bye for 12 months, now of course you cannot get away from fireworks as some PERSON or other seems hell bent on blasting away 24/7 for sometimes up to six months of the years,so now the magic of fireworks is definitely gone as they are an everyday noise in the air.
We in England must stand up for the right (which WE don’t have by the way) to celebrate one of the few English Historical calendar Events we have,because WE ALL KNOW that if it was anybody else…..they couldn’t complain.


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A new wrinkle in The English/make that Britain/make that the World must apologise to Wales for breathing saga continues with a new and improved Historical minefield gem.

After twisting the arm of Liverpool City Council to squirm and say sorry for the flooding of Capel Celyn-see links below


Owen Roberts, a historian at Aberystwyth University, “said the council should also apologise for flooding Llanwddyn in north Powys in the 1880s”.
See links below

River Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy)The Efyrnwy rises on the border between Powys and Gwynedd. In 1880, Liverpool Corporation flooded the area around the old village of Llanwddyn to create the reservoir of Llyn Efyrnwy. Today, the area is a place to enjoy the quiet of the countryside and fishing.(quote from Cylchgrawn Magazine)

For pictures of Llanwddyn as it was,plus the building of the Dam-see link below

So now it seems everyone must now check history and apologise to everyone else for whatever someone whoever they were did, when ever it was and to whom they annoyed,so now can we start rummaging through history for all those naughty Welsh stories I wonder.

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