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The St George Flag WE ALL KNOW IT,it’s England’s National Flag,BUT how many of us see it everyday in our Villages or Towns,or city’s for that matter.
This image I use in this post is only the second time in recent years I have seen it resplendent and free,flying proud in England with no one crying and screaming for Police protection.
But again there is a bizarre twist to this magical scene in “the residents aren’t English but Australian”!!!,SO IT’S OK THEN,there not English so clearly aren’t out for World domination we can sleep well tonight.
With no right in England to fly The National Flag,The English are at the mercy of their neighbours,whomever they are as to whether WE are free in England to wave the flag.
If a nearby resident complains(whether English or otherwise) we enter the Twilight Zone as cops come to take the offending item down,with a tut tut and a waved finger,plus in some cases a fine? madness reigns.
Noware else on the Globe are Citizens of a Country SO dependent on foreign opinion as to how WE can live OUR lives


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