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Capel Celyn(Tryweryn revisited)

Like any English person who read about the rather passionate call for compensation from Plaid Cymru who demanded cash fromLiverpool to help ease the pain of those who saw their homes disappear in a massive North Wales reservoir some 40 plus years ago-see link below
I was not too impressed,not because I didn’t think they had suffered as clearly they had,more so because,Bala-based councillor Elwyn Edwards, whose family was affected, said”the UK government was ultimately responsible for forcing people to leave their homes”.
Which was fair enough as they had,what angered me was the fact he then contradicted himself and then said”Not only do we want an apology from Liverpool but we also want an apology from the English government.”?
This comment showed that underneath it all Mr Edwards had fallen into the trap many Welsh have of simply blaming England for the issue as with everything else that may go wrong in the World,if someone needs to be blamed they must be English whether Guilty or not,passion can override common sense and of course Mr Edwards should of said British Government as an English Government hasn’t existed for 300 years.
Now I’m all for fair play etc so I dug around for backgroud regarding the Tryweryn issue and found some interesting articles which really do help understand the history of this-see links below
http://www.gtj.org.uk/en/item10/13160 Capel Celyn (Tryweryn)


http://www.llgc.org.uk/ymgyrchu/Dwr/Tryweryn/trywerexp.ram very short Capel Celyn clip REALPLAYER

Now in the spirit of fairplay I can show that English lives have been destroyed by UK Government meddling.

The LadyBower reservoir in Derbyshire following huge protests was started in 1935 and finished in 1943

In 1935 an even larger project began downstream of the two earlier dams for the construction of Ladybower Dam, which flooded the area around the junction of the Derwent with the Ashopton.

This project, first put forward in the early 1920s, caused considerable controversy because it involved the flooding of two villages; Ashopton, which lay at the junction of the Ashop and the Derwent; … and Derwent, which lay upstream on the Derwent river. Despite protests the dam went ahead and was finished in 1943, though the reservoir took a further two years to fill.At the time this was the largest reservoir in Britain.
The flooding of the two villages was the worst damage inflicted by the water authorities in their many projects around the Peak District, and highlighted the damage which these civil works projects can do to local communities.

I have sourced some info on this issue below




So you see The English are not the beasts that passion can suggest WE TOO ARE VICTIMS OF British Greed we just seem to be quieter about it,as for compensation NO,an apology,ok after all this time not a bad idea but it should be TB doing it not Liverpool,as for the money again it should be the British who stump up any cash NOT Liverpool.

What next the two drowned villages of Derwent and Ashopton screaming for compo?this compensation culture doesn’t make it ok where do you think this money comes from,mine and your taxes.


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