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HMP say St George Flag is Evil,SWASTIKA-OK

Today we have yet another example of the Twilight Zone we call England-Totally controlled by an Omnipotent Raj we experience this drug free Hallucination on the wild side of la la land.
From the team that brought you this-see link
The HMP go one better,the story that appeared yesterday in The Daily Mail,now appears in The Star (see picture)outlining a bizarre new twist in freakout rules that fly in the face of public opinion,the HMP who recently banned the English National Flag from English Prisons!!!!,now says Swastikas are great??,what planet are they on,if there so so worried about offending people,the Swastika oh boy Family friendly or what,couldn’t they of found something less Crazy evil to kiss up to,offended anyone F**K yes.
Below are some links to info about this item from WIKIPEDIA




La la land rules are becoming a bit of a new hobby for the omni present PC attack dogs of the Raj
recently the British Royal Navy allowed Chris Cranmer, 24,who is SCOTTISH, serving on the Type 22 frigate Cumberland,to be officially recognized as a Satanist by the ship’s captain.?just hand me a Valium someone-see link to this item below
We are living in mad times,if I wasn’t living it you’d never believe the storys.


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