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A new wrinkle in The English/make that Britain/make that the World must apologise to Wales for breathing saga continues with a new and improved Historical minefield gem.

After twisting the arm of Liverpool City Council to squirm and say sorry for the flooding of Capel Celyn-see links below


Owen Roberts, a historian at Aberystwyth University, “said the council should also apologise for flooding Llanwddyn in north Powys in the 1880s”.
See links below

River Efyrnwy (Vyrnwy)The Efyrnwy rises on the border between Powys and Gwynedd. In 1880, Liverpool Corporation flooded the area around the old village of Llanwddyn to create the reservoir of Llyn Efyrnwy. Today, the area is a place to enjoy the quiet of the countryside and fishing.(quote from Cylchgrawn Magazine)

For pictures of Llanwddyn as it was,plus the building of the Dam-see link below

So now it seems everyone must now check history and apologise to everyone else for whatever someone whoever they were did, when ever it was and to whom they annoyed,so now can we start rummaging through history for all those naughty Welsh stories I wonder.


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  1. Whatever you do – don’t mention the slate mines…..
    I had this internet row with a few welsh guys – who wanted to have all the welsh slate returned that had been ‘nicked’ – the vitriol and ignorance was just astounding – in fact, I will publish it on Waking Hereward’ tomorrow!!!!

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