Nelson gets it wrong on the day,England gets lumbered

October 24, 2005 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

The Battle of Trafalgar,truly one of historys genuine masterpieces of strategy saving BRITAIN,not ENGLAND from the French/Spanish fleet.
Nelson a true British ICON in the most genuine sense at the height of his greatness got it wrong and disastrously Lumbered ENGLAND rather than Britain with the Victory remorselessly repeated adnorseum by Historians and the Media,
that (according to Wikipedia)on October 21, 1805 the most famous naval signal in British history was sent.
for full info on Trafalgar see link below

Nelsons mistaken use of the word ENGLAND rather than who was actually at the battle ie BRITAIN is something that really gets under my skin and I can’t stand hearing it,we in England find it hard enough not to be confused with UK so Nelsons mistake however accidental confuses everyone.
While searching out info for this I came upon a quote from The BBC website that is exactly right,see below
I know that the message on HMS Victory was “England expects” but by 1805 can we please remember that Victory and Nelson represented Britain following the 1707 Union. So, although they mistakenly said “England” at the time could BBC (or should I say EBC) reporters stop referring to “the English Victory” and “the English commander” as there were a great many Scots (including one of Nelson’s most trusted captains), Welsh and Irish involved in the “British” fleet and ultimate victory on the day.Ruairidh Ross, Inverness Scotland
(quote from BBC website)
Whilst Ruairidh is looking at it from a scots point of view,the view is correct it was a BRITISH VICTORY NOT ENGLAND(Note to Historians).


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  1. Well actually, 65% of the crew of the Victoy was English. So was Nelson. Only 2 captains in the fleet were Scottish and the non-English element of the crew in the fleet were mainly press-ganged from the merchant navy. Basically, the only ones fighting for thie country were the English. The French and Spaniards were planning to invade England, not Britain. The Scots had a history of coluding with the French as they were envious of England’s wealth. It’s took them 200 years to figure out how to plunder it by themselves.

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