What problem,it’s in your mind,get a grip

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Popular opinion is a flirtatious creature, constantly changing it’s mind, what is OK one day is evil baby killing depravity the next.
One obvious example of a presumed PC mode of thought is the artificial presumption that something is wrong when actually there is no problem to be found, ie being English in England.
To most credible people it’s as natural as Day follows Night or Americans and friendly fire accidents, it’s just normal life, but sooner rather than later someone wakes up one day and decides just like that, that it’s really dumb rule day today and picks on the most obvious target that cannot defend itself-namely The English.
Flying The National flag to your average Nation is water of a ducks back, to NOT fly it is BAD unpatriotic, and rightly so until we venture into the reach of the Raj and their Vichy Welsh and English eyes and ears.
The Raj has indoctrinated millions of ex normal people in to a vast army of brainwashed spies eager to snitch on the slightest openly English gesture such as flag flying-below are a sample of credible people’s comments disproving the myth that we are somehow less worthy than Scots and should be treated as such.

(Source material BBC Website)
Have you ever noticed that when something like this is supposed to offend, it’s not the people who are supposed to be offended who complain ? It’s always someone who thinks other people will be offended?

I live in Norway and the Norwegian flag is flown with pride. Why can’t the English? The Norwegians I work with can’t understand why a country can even discuss not flying their flag.

I think it’s high time that we, the citizens of England, were able to fly the flag of St George without being told we might offend minorities. I’m originally from a minority (Sri Lankan by birth, British citizen now), and I’m not offended in the slightest. It’s time to claim the flag back for the honest, patriotic people of England.

I spend a lot of time in Denmark. There, the Danish flag is everywhere to be seen. It is normal for houses to have a flagpole flying it proudly. It is on cars and vans, boats, inside and outside shops; even on tablecloths, napkins and crockery. Nobody, regardless of their race, colour, creed or religion, is the slightest bit perturbed or embarrassed by this. Why can’t we English be the same?

The St George’s flag existed long before the modern notions of political correctness. No one would deny a proud Scot his right to fly the flag of St Andrew or a Welshman to wave the flag of St David, so why pick on the English? People who complain about the English flag are no better than the false accusations they make. What better example of racism than restricting the right of cultural expression?
(Above Quotes all taken from BBC Forum)

I can see that there is nothing for it but for the “non -English” peoples to start a mass movement to get the English permission to fly their own flag in England – England almost does not exist any more, even in England – perhaps especially in England…
(Quote taken from DigitaL Spy Forum)

So there we have it the majority of sane people in England suprise suprise find flying the English flag in England perfectly normal so why are the media saying otherwise-Answer is they have to ordered by the Raj to wage a major smear campaign against us.


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