Britain throws crumbs to NON Smokers in England

October 26, 2005 at 8:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

The BRITISH Governments smoking ban plan only for England got it’s big push today-see link
The outcome was a real fudge, not a ban more of a reduction in available coughing holes which still leaves countless non smokers in the S**t either breathing in that filth via passive smoking as a drinker or as a worker in the cancer filled death houses or Pubs to you.
I HATE SMOKING and have zero sympathy for people who insist on sitting near you and crying when you tell them to stub that out,oh boo hoo,go kill yourself somewhere else.

Watching the news you’d be forgiven for not really knowing where exactly the ban is as some news reports don’t actually say leaving you assuming it’s UK wide(muffled laughter),some point out it’s only in England but give no explanation why as if no one is bothered.
Sky News Reporter Adam Boulton didn’t seem to have a clue,he must have been in the loo when it was announced because at 6pm tonight live on air he commented on the ban in Ireland the one proposed for N Ireland and the one soon in Scotland and one in Wales but then spectacularly commented on the one in BRITAIN errrr ENGLAND come on wake up if reporters can’t get it right, I WAS NOT IMPRESSED.

ITV NEWS don’t fair much better as they said tonight at 6.20pm the ban covers England and Wales? errrrr quoting Adam, I don’t think so someone had better tell the Welsh about that one.
Their reporter indicated the ban IN England had been watered down partly due to pressure from the now infamous Labour attack dog Scotland’s very own John Reid, here we go again, a foreigner telling England to do something his own Country is going to ban, typical hypocrisy. Smoking ban in disarray
But the British Health Secretary had said very interestingly she had wanted to protect(in her words according to ITV NEWS) THE NATIONS HEALTH)…..THE NATION,WHAT NATION, UK policy is England is 9 Regions it isn’t a Nation according to TB, so is the Health secretary admitting that deep down Labour knows England exists

For more info regarding other smoking bans-see links below Wales win power for smoking ban Welsh smoking ban stronger than England current smoking ban situation in the British Isles

SO THERE WE HAVE IT Scotland, Wales N Ireland are all free, born free as free as the wind blows as free as the grass grows to decide for THEMSELVES that smoking is a load of Bo****ks and needs to be BANNED EVERYWHERE, yet again the astonishing arrogance of the British Government Telling England ONLY,YOU ARE GETTING THIS FARCE, signing death sentences to countless people in the future due to shortsighted petty handbags at dawn squabbles that WILL cost lives which would be unthinkable in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland.


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  1. Ban smoking all together. I don’t care how much smokers harp on about the amount of tax they pay and their civil liberties. They are a drain on the health system when they finally end their days coughing up their lungs in an NHS hospital. My civil liberties are just as important and I don’t want to die a horrible smoking related death when I’ve never so much as had a drag in my life. And as for that Scottish twat poking his nose into English affairs, well he can go screw himself. That’s another one for the wall when the revolution comes.

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