BRITISH Health Secretary Assumes Position

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British Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt closes her eyes, puts her fingers in her ears and sings la la la la I can’t hear you.

Following on from yesterdays post about the Smoking Ban ,I actually gave this woman a bit of cred for allegedly going for a total ban but today, oh no she’s a gutless Raj pawn who repeats the same rehearsed lines over and over, she may as well not appear live on TV a tape of her answers would do sat on a chair.,11026,1600575,00.html A Guardian Newspaper article about the ban
As reported in the media Scottish MP attack dog John Reid’s slimy fingerprints are all over a Partial ban in ENGLAND that’s none of his business.

Watching the news this morning she just kept digging and digging a bigger hole for her career to be buried in.
ITV NEWS 07:30
The news presenter actually does a good job, Patricia Hewitt says “the ban is good for people across Britain” WHY as it’s for England only ?
The news presenter asks why it’s different in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland, why only a partial ban in England.
Patricia Hewitt said “well of course we now have Devolution so different parts have different solutions”
The news presenter then earned her money by asking about why it was that a Scottish MP aka John(stick your nose in to things that don’t concern you)Reid was pressuring an England only bill to make changes that don’t apply to him-SHE DIDN’T Answer.

Next on to The BBC NEWS 08:12
She said “the ban was to protect ALL WORKERS from second hand smoke, but allow adults to choose to smoke if they want”
Yet Ms Hewitt keeps banging on trying to repeat this line about it covering 99% of places, so THAT’S NOT ALL WORKERS THEN IS IT-what about that alleged 1%.
At Sky NEWS next 08:30
Eammon Holmes was good he pressured her straight away about N Ireland and why it’s different again in Scotland and Wales and why only a partial ban in England-she repeated the same line she gave to ITV about Devolution “well of course we now have Devolution so different parts have different solutions” she repeated the line about covering 99% like it was fine and dandy to damn 1%,plus she said “the devolution difference is a strength” to whom I wonder-The English NO B****Y WAY.



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