Britain roles out sham test to laughter of immigrants

October 31, 2005 at 6:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Foreigners who apply to become British citizens will have to swot up on British regional accents, the Church of England and a wide range of cultural information, it has been revealed.
Details of the new “Britishness test” were revealed by ministers on the day before the examination becomes compulsory to people who apply for naturalisation. BBC story on new citizenship test

However, candidates will not be tested on British history?

They will have to answer 24 questions in the “Life in the UK” test and answer about 75% correctly to pass, a Home Office spokeswoman said.
The test legal tomorrow amazingly only has 24 questions and those doing the test only need 75% to pass plus they can refer to the British guide book for answers ?,so some bloody TEST being practically spoon fed questions a 3 year old would know plus irrelevant nonsense that makes no sense whether British or not. a sample of pointless test questions from BBC
My take on this seems to be a non starter giving a fake test to look like there doing something when the test is worthless, it has no content about History !!! WHY surely that’s an integral part of an alleged citizenship exam.
I suspect any info given to so called people keen to be British( some one has to be)will be about the wonderful world of benefit fiddles and how to get all your ineligible family over at taxpayers expense, plus the ease at which they can disappear into society, be found out, lie then be let off with no fear of charges, the laughable efforts of the British State to paper over the Bullshit state of illegal immigration, and farm out these blatant sham tests is a sad exposé of a Raj in denial with it’s head in the sand.
Lets have a real test like America. sample questions for US Citizenship test
Canada. sample questions for Canadian citizenship test
Australia Australian Citizenship website
where REAL commitment is required to take a big test including ALL aspects of the Culture of the Country in Question so real citizens are made who care genuinely about their new home and not just about how much benefits they can swindle.


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