Voice of reason from new Archbishop

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A voice of reason has made itself known to me.

Dr John Sentamu
England’s first black Archbishop has made a powerful attack on multiculturalism, urging English people to reclaim their national identity.
READ HIS BIO ON Wikipedia Below
The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said that “too many people were embarrassed about being English. “Multiculturalism has seemed to imply, wrongly for me, let other cultures be allowed to express themselves but do not let the majority culture at all tell us its glories, its struggles, its joys, its pains,”.
He went on to say that “the failure of England to rediscover its culture afresh would lead only to greater political extremism”.
He called for the English to rediscover their cultural identity by properly marking celebrations such as St George’s Day on April 23. “I speak as a foreigner really”. The English are somehow embarrassed about some of the good things they have done,
Multiculturalism as a concept failed to convey the essence of what it meant to be English”.
He described English culture as rooted in Christianity and, in spite of attempts by secularists to marginalise it, the Church still had a central role to play.
(quotes taken from http://www.timesonline.co.uk)
I would have to confess that until a couple of days ago I had never heard of this guy but now I would say he sounds like a really good bloke, so good luck to him.


A German cannot handle living in England,boo hoo

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According to a German who is also a Labour MP (big surprise) Being English is a bad thing.
Credit to A View from Middle England for this.
Gisela Stuart, the German born Labour MP for Birmingham-Edgbaston says that “the rise of Englishness is a threat to democracy”. She is worried by the number of her constituents who now claim to be English rather than British.
Well I’m lost for words how ignorant is this woman,did she go out of her way to offend?,what does she expect being in England(answers on a postcard please to la la land care of Ms Stuart).
Anyway here is the article in full again credit to A View from Middle England for this.
I sent in my opinion about this bigoted MP to the paper concerned and hopefully will receive a reply regarding this issue, why not do the same.

(Labour Logo used with permission)

Who’s bid for 2018 World Cup,er England I think.

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I still find that hard to grasp really-ENGLAND BIDS-but do WE really?

Well put simply NO we don’t-we the English are largely uninvolved in something so great for our own Country, the wheels are being turned by Scots Welsh Irish and anybody else for that matter who just happens to work for the English FA so not an English bid but a bid from a sporting body in England there is a difference.

Catching a few news items today it was laughably bizarre that Scottish Government Ministers such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both card carrying Scots through and through were waxing lyrical about a bid from a Country ie England they openly don’t support ?
Watching Gordon Brown jump through hoops for the media in support of a foreign Country was really odd,as no Scottish person would ever genuinely support England,every word he said was a lie.

sit up, beg, role over, support England for the cameras,theres a good Scottish faker then,aahhh.

Below are links to news items on this issue talking about how BRITAIN is supporting an ENGLISH bid ?
http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=1342722 Channel 4 World Cup

http://www.five.tv/news/?id=13464581&type=top_stories Channel 5 World cup

http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-13464581,00.html Sky News World Cup

http://www.itn.co.uk/news/1559061.html ITV News World Cup

All these articles are largely the same rather dry, pointing out that Scottish people are pushing an English bid without actually openly saying it.
Tessa Jowell bless her heart, on The ITV News Channel actually referred to England as a NATION, which I bet she has never done before, but then this is sport and this is England’s only allowed identity-sport nothing more, she is also(according to net sources quoted as) Tessa Jowell, the secretary of state with responsibility for sport, believes a sense of “national self-confidence” that has sprung from London’s 2012 Olympic victory could help an England bid for the 2018 World Cup”, Mmm sounds interesting National self confidenceNational surely not England is 9 Regions isn’t it ?.

My googleing did turn up a couple of note worthy items below
http://www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=79299 An article from Turkish Press was interesting as it was the only piece I saw that pointed out the oddity of foreigners supporting someone else’s bid(Nice work)

Secondly a bizarre mistake from a so called reporter for something called All Headline News about The BRITISH FA –What the heck is that I’ve never heard of it, so dunce cap goes to Danielle George – All Headline News Staff Reporter(congrats all round)
http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7001036793 British FA ?

Next a very poor website on betting outlining betting chances on who will host the 2018 World Cup and mentioning the potential ENGLAND BID, but ask for bets on the UK ? WHAT- yes the UK when did that happen-why bet on the UK hosting when England are doing it, a UK bet is an instant loss as they aren’t involved-somebody tell these people please.

Sport : Football World Cup 2018 Hosts
Saturday, 18 August 2018

Betting Exchange
UK ? eeeeerrrrrr NO I don’t think so.
7/2 odds
http://www.readabet.com/index.php/football/article/8210 Bet on the UK- eeerrrrr NO.

Oh dear oh dear some people, never mind we in England know who to support, the bid for the World Cup 2018 isn’t an English bid anyway but a bid by The British Government, the whole Raj machine via the English FA to get the World Cup not for England not for us but for them, papering over the fact that we the English are largely uninvolved and using words like England yet really meaning British ALL THE WAY.

“It’s us we the British Government are so great so talented look what we can do, oh shine that light on me please, we can bring the World Cup TO BRITAIN,kiss me love me, my legacy as Tony Blair all supreme ruler, I lie I bully, I discriminate against the English openly,but who cares I’m TONY Lord of all I survey”
(god I can feel a spitting image sketch there)
Does no one else see the propaganda of Scottish Ministers lying through their teeth in support of England when usually they would say white was black if it ment proving we didn’t exist.

If politicians want us to believe them,then foreign MP’s pretending to support England isn’t the way,lets have some English MP’s pushing it,if you can find any.

Muslims try to destroy a great Girl.

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The Muslims are making no friends yet again with more self destructive anti west anti English madness.
As reported on The Sky News website the hot Muslim girl who won The Miss England contest has been suffering at the hands of bigoted race hate religious extremist fanatics.
http://www.sky.com/skynews/picture_gallery/picture_gallery/0,,70141-1202294-1,00.html Sky News Article

Miss Hammasa Kohistani who at 18 is the first Muslim to win, has been hounded by Muslim extremists who see her decision to grasp she is in the west and fit in and have a great time and not hurting anybody as un Islamic.
SO WHAT this is a great girl who’s dead fit and really smart,I support her wish to BE ENGLISH, and only wish more Muslims would wake up and do the same.
Just because she is Muslim doesn’t mean she has to hide in a corner somewhere, this is ENGLAND, it is not Saudi Arabia or some other blinkered backwater where everyone is a clone looking the same and following a narrow form of behaviour that precludes being free to live without religious handcuffs.
These Muslim minders should be removed, you don’t see people crying over Miss Secular or Miss Catholic winning the old Sharon and Tracy routine.
This constant interference in to normal life that has nothing to do with them is just digging the Muslim name a big hole to bury its credibility in.
Muslims need to grasp where they are, this is England if you don’t know where that is look it up, it is not India or Pakistan or all those other stans, if you come here YOU need to assimilate to US NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND if you don’t want to,then go and live in Scotland or Wales or even Northern Ireland and see how they like your constant meddling in things that don’t concern you.

Political Correctness goes Global

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A very interesting item on The Daily Mail website regarding Political Correctness today,
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=368434&in_page_id=1770&in_a_source=&ct=5 Article from the Daily Mail

As we are fully aware the social poison more commonly known as Nazism, oops, Political Correctness picks up speed to it’s annual moment of ejac er er frenzy about now as that largely forgotten CHRISTIAN Festival of Christmas(oh oh I’ve used the two C words now I’m for it) fast approaches, the slithering masses of evil come out of their pits, ringing their bells shouting unclean, like the Witch Finder Generals of old or the Child Catcher with his I smell Children sneer, or even the Body Snatcher shriek and pointing finger when a human was found, the most innocent references to Christmas or Santa or God forbid Christianity, Christmas trees Snowmen God knows anything even remotely non Muslim is treated like your a bomb toting terrorist from 24,with the sirens blaring and MP 5 assault rifles poised we hear in a creepy voice I smell Christians-burn them burn them now build a fire burn the non Muslim believers.
Yes ok perhaps a little Ray Bradbury a touch of the Twilight Zone but not by much, the hell for leather feeding frenzy that is the removal of Christianity and the instigation of our friendly Muslim overlords as our new Planet of the Apes style jailers in England is real,keeping us Brainwashed and powerless to combat this avalanche of anti Englishness as if all is peachy and quite alright to discriminate against 50 million.
A link to the results of Google search for PC

UK Home Office insults VICTIMS of CRIME

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Home Office Officials are threatening to stop funding for a memorial Carol Service for victims of crime, quite unbelievable that the Home Office could even conceive of such an offensive stand as this one, as if loosing a loved one isn’t enough, The Home Office shove both feet in it’s fat mouth and says it will stop the grant because IT IS TOO CHRISTIAN, offended anyone ***k yes.
For the past 11 years, hundreds of grieving relatives have attended the event, in honour of murder victims,in London.
Jobsworth Nazi officials have warned that funding will be pulled unless the service is multifaith and switched from a Church to a secular venue.
DOES THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT go out of it’s way to be insulting and openly ignorant of what it’s role actually is.
People involved in the group stated that they found it offensive that political correctness could be used so insensitively.
A decision on funding is pending.
Can you imagine the responce from comments saying something was too Hindu or god forbid too muslim,oh shock horror fall to the ground,oh the humanity of it all, shreaking horror of horrors.
No neither can I, aren’t double standards a thing of beauty,the Raj live on them.
You have to admire a Government so intent on doing everything it can to pretend that Britain( just make that ENGLAND) is a muslim state and we Christians should pack up and leave.

Britain kisses asylum seeker butt.

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British Government Officials have openly kicked UK tax payers square in the nether regions again according to The Daily Mail.
Migrants have been paid £1 Million Pounds Too much in a new and unbelievable travesty of incompetence.
UK Government officials have ruled migrants can keep the cash ? but residents of Britain, which of course loosely translates to (you English Ba***rds can bail us out of this s**it hole we Scots created) have to pay back £4 Billion wrongly paid out in another staggering blunder another example of the marvellous organisation from TB and his Raj supremos.
This further punch in the face by Britain to law-abiding tax payers was branded as Double Standards by MP’s and it raised questions in to the motives behind such a two faced approach with Political Correctness at Ministerial level.
The money was paid out to asylum seekers, foreign students, over stayers and other migrants, the British Government encouraged people to apply even if they didn’t qualify,(damn damn damn I wish I had known about that-FREE CASH, damn).
Astonishingly instead of writing letters demanding the money back, the British Government has sent out letters grovelling in apology that payment was stopped and to keep the cash ?WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT!!!!!.
Critics say this raises serious questions about the way Britain has crapped all over tax payers,basically in England, and kissed up to asylum seekers,(Mmm,tasty tasty Bum,slurp slurp) double standards, hypocrisy it’s all good,God I’m gonna love sharia law it’s great.(sarcasm).
The Benefits Officials who are hounding honest tax payers are kowtowing to Foreign pressure groups and political correctness gone muslim mad by not holding foreigners responsible for their debts.
The writings on the wall especially for England,lets all move to Tony Blaires own Country now and see how HE likes it.

Tony Blair pretends he’s English,just this once.

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Good old level headed man of the people TB appeared on Football Focus on Saturday,and whilst I did try to avoid watching,the little bits I did catch left me bemused and amused.
Whilst most was general blokey chit chat of little importance about Football,TB was heard to say(WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE ENGLISH GAME),WE and US and talk about THE NATIONAL SIDE ie ENGLAND,as if he gave a damn and talked about the Premier League as if it was relevant to HIM?.
EEEEERRRRR NO TB is Scottish and is on record as supporting his own Country ie Scotland and the Blue and White plus his league is the SPL !!!.
During the bits I saw the Scottish National side weren’t mentioned neither the SPL so where did WE and US come from TB isn’t English,plus he commented on the World Cup and again said WE as a reference to England not Scotland-has TB forgotten himself or is he having an identity crisis
it was Bloody annoying a foreign Scot making comments about English Football and attempting some sort of vague me too connection to a Country he doesn’t support,yet no one on the panel said hey your not English-shut it,yes we can forgive Alan Hanson for his famous slip up that was an honest blooper,but TB just spoke as if England as usual ment Britain(our survey said x)NO.
Plus in contrast to his opinion(as reported by the CEP)that he objected to a Britain Football Team for the 2012 Olympics,on Football Focus he gave it a hearty endorsement,er contradiction or what,playing both sides of the argument,but why?.
For a Scottish guy he really puts on the,I’m your friend weak English slaves well.
The British Government have been brainwashing the English for Centuries,soon Lemmings will vote to throw themselves from clifftops,Turkeys will vote strongly in favour of Christmas,Cats and Dogs will beg to be done at the Vets,but only in the Body Snatcher pod people friendly slave state of England.

Royal Mail offend Christians,and won’t say sorry

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Well out of order Royal Mail stamps that denigrate Christianity by using Hindu images representing a Christian scene.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/11/01/nstamp01.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/11/01/ixhome.html Telegraph website article on this subject

Needless to say I was appalled at this blatant senseless attack on the Christian Faith in a ham fisted attempt at some sort of seasonal alternate message,The Royal Mail have scored a spectacular own goal in offending practically everyone who sees them.

YET- and here is the mind bender question it would appear it’s the Hindus NOT Christians making all the noise about offensive imagery-WHY,would someone please go and look for all the Christians WHERE ARE YOU.

(According to The Telegraph)

Hindus are demanding that Royal Mail withdraws one of this year’s Christmas stamps, claiming the mother and child image it represents is insulting to their religion.

Ramesh Kallidai, secretary general of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said the image was insensitive, because it showed people who were clearly Hindu worshipping Christ.

Hindus are demanding-oh really,this is a purely Christian issue that OUR Religion is being portrayed using blasphemous images,it is Christians who see images of our Faith bastardised,I take great offense that this issue has been hijacked again in the name of multiculturalism,I have searched the net for references to this issue and can find NO articles saying how it offends Christians,only Hindus,it really shows who pulls the strings today,Christianity is the throw away disposable Religion that comes a weak last in the medias PC be nice to everyone book of Nazi propaganda.

The list just keeps getting longer and longer, No Santa,No Carol Singers,No Christmas,No giving to Charity,Christianity tightly controlled and on and on and on-But to whom do we owe this marvellous debt of gratitude,the knowledge that Western values are being systematically eradicated all in the name of WHAT ?

The gradual Muslimication of the West particularly here in England where the stampede by officials to have us all multifaith friendly(Right on Brother)is at neck snapping pace.

These Vichy Turncoats have my contempt,Muslims would never sell their culture down the river so to see European people so keen to flush the West down the toilet just means we will be in sharia land all the faster and the Muslims know it and are just waiting their turn,soon very very soon.

Christmas is banned because it offends Muslims ?

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GET A GRIP- that is utter tosh, Christmas does not offend Muslims, Islam reveres Jesus Christ as a prophet, so it is hugely unlikely that any reasonable Muslim would object to a festival celebrating his birth.

The extremes that other religions go to preserve their cultural heritage is only matched in Christianity by its extreme death-wish.
Once Christmas has been replaced by a spiritually vacuous post-Christian orgy of consumption, the next phase of the war is to ban it altogether. Simply turn it, as Birmingham famously did, into a generic “Winterval” to make it equally meaningless to everyone. Tony Blair’s Christmas cards have no reference to, well, Christmas. The Eden Centre in Cornwall has banned Christmas, replacing it with “a time of gifts”.

The war on Christmas is being waged across Christendom. In Italy, a school replaced the Nativity play with Little Red Riding Hood, while another replaced the word “Jesus” in carols with “virtue”. The Mayor of Sydney caused outrage by reducing the city’s Christmas decorations to a single secular illuminated tree with the sign “Season’s greetings”. The US now has a national “holiday tree” and schools take “ Winter holidays”. Christianity has gone back to its origins, and become the world’s most widely persecuted religion, finally prompting the Vatican to hit back with a campaign against “Christianophobia”.

So who are the modern-day Scrooges and what motivates them? In most cases the humbug tree huggers use the excuse of multiculturalism, insisting that celebrating Christmas is offensive to non-Christian minorities, often citing Muslims. But the truth is that it is done in the name of Muslims, rather than at the request of Muslims, who accept the existence of Christ. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists don’t mind Christmas celebrations any more than Christians object to Diwali, Eid or Chanukkah. As Trevor Phillips, the Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, said: “It’s not offensive to minority communities to celebrate the festival of Christmas.”

No, the real scrooges are the self-loathing, guilt-ridden politically-correct liberal elite, driven by anti-Christian bigotry and a ruthless determination to destroy their own heritage and replace it with a utopian blank slate of secular indifference. It is the American Civil Liberties Union that is threatening lawsuits against any schools that allow the singing of carols and the BBC’s editorial policy bans criticism of the Koran, but not the Bible.
In reality, these PC Freaks who talk out of their arse are acting against the interests of ethnic minorities. By stripping Britain of its culture and traditions, they are causing a dangerous rising tide of anger. It prevents social cohesion and integration — who could want to integrate into a culture that is imploding?

These sticky beak champions of PC dogma suddenly decided that Carol Singers constituted a fire hazard.
Not to be outdone the TUC and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents say mistletoe and balloons should be banned in case of sexual harassment suits, The Red Cross has banned any reference to Christianity in it’s shops, yet the Red Crescent is synonymous with the Muslim Faith and no one cries about it.

Anti western values are being protected and promoted by White middle class people across the land putting words into the mouths of so called offended parties such as Muslims alleging that such and such is offended by(fill in space)which typically is news to them and the Christian community which I am one.
The Campaign to ban Christmas “in case it offends Muslims” with undisguised glee is a self destructive suicidal dogma that only promotes pain and confusion, anger and mistrust amongst groups where previously there was no problem, this self hate mantra is a disease that must be cut out before it’s too late.
In Birmingham – the city that re-named Christmas ‘Winterval’ – Father Christmas has been banned from the Bullring shopping centre “in case it offends Muslims”.
In Luton council bosses renamed their Christmas lights “Luminos” in order “to avoid upsetting Muslims”.
The Red Cross meanwhile has banned all mention of Christmas from its stores in case – yes, you guessed it – “it offends Muslims”.
Not to be left behind in this collective slamming of the Western values self destruct button,brainwashed Liberal Councillors in Islington, north London have demanded the word “saint” be dropped from the name of St Mary Magdalene C of E school “in case it offends Muslims”.
In High Wycombe the library banned posters advertising a carol concert “in case it offends Muslims”, although it was happy to host a party to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.
In Tower Hamlets in London council workers have been told they can only hold a Christmas party if they re-name it a “Festive Lunch” to “avoid upsetting Muslims”.

Yet it’s happened again Lambeth Council in South London have shoved both feet in their mouth put a gun to the head of sanity and pulled the trigger once again, opening up a brand new and ever so helpful dose of Twat Syndrome by banning Christmas, shock horror in case Muslims get traumatized .
It makes me wonder what lengths would we have to go to for someone to care about Christians ?
Critics accused the Council of being ashamed to be Christian, the escaped mental patients that masquerade as Councillors have made a string of in your face bigoted moves offending anyone and everyone at every given opportunity including removing crosses for being too Christian ? Removing Bibles from Hospitals, and insisting on calling Guide Dogs-Enabling Dogs ?.
Needless to say the Councils decision has been greeted with dismay and outrage by all Faiths and the credibility of the Councillors themselves is less than zero, straight jackets all round then,rubber rooms and happy pills prescribed for these victims of Twat Syndrome I think, la la land here we come.
Let’s hope they get better soon.

These white middle class guardians of the social conscience would be better served KEEPING THEIR BIG MOUTHS CLOSED.

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