Christmas is banned because it offends Muslims ?

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GET A GRIP- that is utter tosh, Christmas does not offend Muslims, Islam reveres Jesus Christ as a prophet, so it is hugely unlikely that any reasonable Muslim would object to a festival celebrating his birth.

The extremes that other religions go to preserve their cultural heritage is only matched in Christianity by its extreme death-wish.
Once Christmas has been replaced by a spiritually vacuous post-Christian orgy of consumption, the next phase of the war is to ban it altogether. Simply turn it, as Birmingham famously did, into a generic “Winterval” to make it equally meaningless to everyone. Tony Blair’s Christmas cards have no reference to, well, Christmas. The Eden Centre in Cornwall has banned Christmas, replacing it with “a time of gifts”.

The war on Christmas is being waged across Christendom. In Italy, a school replaced the Nativity play with Little Red Riding Hood, while another replaced the word “Jesus” in carols with “virtue”. The Mayor of Sydney caused outrage by reducing the city’s Christmas decorations to a single secular illuminated tree with the sign “Season’s greetings”. The US now has a national “holiday tree” and schools take “ Winter holidays”. Christianity has gone back to its origins, and become the world’s most widely persecuted religion, finally prompting the Vatican to hit back with a campaign against “Christianophobia”.

So who are the modern-day Scrooges and what motivates them? In most cases the humbug tree huggers use the excuse of multiculturalism, insisting that celebrating Christmas is offensive to non-Christian minorities, often citing Muslims. But the truth is that it is done in the name of Muslims, rather than at the request of Muslims, who accept the existence of Christ. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists don’t mind Christmas celebrations any more than Christians object to Diwali, Eid or Chanukkah. As Trevor Phillips, the Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, said: “It’s not offensive to minority communities to celebrate the festival of Christmas.”

No, the real scrooges are the self-loathing, guilt-ridden politically-correct liberal elite, driven by anti-Christian bigotry and a ruthless determination to destroy their own heritage and replace it with a utopian blank slate of secular indifference. It is the American Civil Liberties Union that is threatening lawsuits against any schools that allow the singing of carols and the BBC’s editorial policy bans criticism of the Koran, but not the Bible.
In reality, these PC Freaks who talk out of their arse are acting against the interests of ethnic minorities. By stripping Britain of its culture and traditions, they are causing a dangerous rising tide of anger. It prevents social cohesion and integration — who could want to integrate into a culture that is imploding?

These sticky beak champions of PC dogma suddenly decided that Carol Singers constituted a fire hazard.
Not to be outdone the TUC and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents say mistletoe and balloons should be banned in case of sexual harassment suits, The Red Cross has banned any reference to Christianity in it’s shops, yet the Red Crescent is synonymous with the Muslim Faith and no one cries about it.

Anti western values are being protected and promoted by White middle class people across the land putting words into the mouths of so called offended parties such as Muslims alleging that such and such is offended by(fill in space)which typically is news to them and the Christian community which I am one.
The Campaign to ban Christmas “in case it offends Muslims” with undisguised glee is a self destructive suicidal dogma that only promotes pain and confusion, anger and mistrust amongst groups where previously there was no problem, this self hate mantra is a disease that must be cut out before it’s too late.
In Birmingham – the city that re-named Christmas ‘Winterval’ – Father Christmas has been banned from the Bullring shopping centre “in case it offends Muslims”.
In Luton council bosses renamed their Christmas lights “Luminos” in order “to avoid upsetting Muslims”.
The Red Cross meanwhile has banned all mention of Christmas from its stores in case – yes, you guessed it – “it offends Muslims”.
Not to be left behind in this collective slamming of the Western values self destruct button,brainwashed Liberal Councillors in Islington, north London have demanded the word “saint” be dropped from the name of St Mary Magdalene C of E school “in case it offends Muslims”.
In High Wycombe the library banned posters advertising a carol concert “in case it offends Muslims”, although it was happy to host a party to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.
In Tower Hamlets in London council workers have been told they can only hold a Christmas party if they re-name it a “Festive Lunch” to “avoid upsetting Muslims”.

Yet it’s happened again Lambeth Council in South London have shoved both feet in their mouth put a gun to the head of sanity and pulled the trigger once again, opening up a brand new and ever so helpful dose of Twat Syndrome by banning Christmas, shock horror in case Muslims get traumatized .
It makes me wonder what lengths would we have to go to for someone to care about Christians ?
Critics accused the Council of being ashamed to be Christian, the escaped mental patients that masquerade as Councillors have made a string of in your face bigoted moves offending anyone and everyone at every given opportunity including removing crosses for being too Christian ? Removing Bibles from Hospitals, and insisting on calling Guide Dogs-Enabling Dogs ?.
Needless to say the Councils decision has been greeted with dismay and outrage by all Faiths and the credibility of the Councillors themselves is less than zero, straight jackets all round then,rubber rooms and happy pills prescribed for these victims of Twat Syndrome I think, la la land here we come.
Let’s hope they get better soon.

These white middle class guardians of the social conscience would be better served KEEPING THEIR BIG MOUTHS CLOSED.


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