Tony Blair pretends he’s English,just this once.

November 6, 2005 at 6:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Good old level headed man of the people TB appeared on Football Focus on Saturday,and whilst I did try to avoid watching,the little bits I did catch left me bemused and amused.
Whilst most was general blokey chit chat of little importance about Football,TB was heard to say(WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE ENGLISH GAME),WE and US and talk about THE NATIONAL SIDE ie ENGLAND,as if he gave a damn and talked about the Premier League as if it was relevant to HIM?.
EEEEERRRRR NO TB is Scottish and is on record as supporting his own Country ie Scotland and the Blue and White plus his league is the SPL !!!.
During the bits I saw the Scottish National side weren’t mentioned neither the SPL so where did WE and US come from TB isn’t English,plus he commented on the World Cup and again said WE as a reference to England not Scotland-has TB forgotten himself or is he having an identity crisis
it was Bloody annoying a foreign Scot making comments about English Football and attempting some sort of vague me too connection to a Country he doesn’t support,yet no one on the panel said hey your not English-shut it,yes we can forgive Alan Hanson for his famous slip up that was an honest blooper,but TB just spoke as if England as usual ment Britain(our survey said x)NO.
Plus in contrast to his opinion(as reported by the CEP)that he objected to a Britain Football Team for the 2012 Olympics,on Football Focus he gave it a hearty endorsement,er contradiction or what,playing both sides of the argument,but why?.
For a Scottish guy he really puts on the,I’m your friend weak English slaves well.
The British Government have been brainwashing the English for Centuries,soon Lemmings will vote to throw themselves from clifftops,Turkeys will vote strongly in favour of Christmas,Cats and Dogs will beg to be done at the Vets,but only in the Body Snatcher pod people friendly slave state of England.


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