Britain kisses asylum seeker butt.

November 9, 2005 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

British Government Officials have openly kicked UK tax payers square in the nether regions again according to The Daily Mail.
Migrants have been paid £1 Million Pounds Too much in a new and unbelievable travesty of incompetence.
UK Government officials have ruled migrants can keep the cash ? but residents of Britain, which of course loosely translates to (you English Ba***rds can bail us out of this s**it hole we Scots created) have to pay back £4 Billion wrongly paid out in another staggering blunder another example of the marvellous organisation from TB and his Raj supremos.
This further punch in the face by Britain to law-abiding tax payers was branded as Double Standards by MP’s and it raised questions in to the motives behind such a two faced approach with Political Correctness at Ministerial level.
The money was paid out to asylum seekers, foreign students, over stayers and other migrants, the British Government encouraged people to apply even if they didn’t qualify,(damn damn damn I wish I had known about that-FREE CASH, damn).
Astonishingly instead of writing letters demanding the money back, the British Government has sent out letters grovelling in apology that payment was stopped and to keep the cash ?WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT!!!!!.
Critics say this raises serious questions about the way Britain has crapped all over tax payers,basically in England, and kissed up to asylum seekers,(Mmm,tasty tasty Bum,slurp slurp) double standards, hypocrisy it’s all good,God I’m gonna love sharia law it’s great.(sarcasm).
The Benefits Officials who are hounding honest tax payers are kowtowing to Foreign pressure groups and political correctness gone muslim mad by not holding foreigners responsible for their debts.
The writings on the wall especially for England,lets all move to Tony Blaires own Country now and see how HE likes it.


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