Who’s bid for 2018 World Cup,er England I think.

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I still find that hard to grasp really-ENGLAND BIDS-but do WE really?

Well put simply NO we don’t-we the English are largely uninvolved in something so great for our own Country, the wheels are being turned by Scots Welsh Irish and anybody else for that matter who just happens to work for the English FA so not an English bid but a bid from a sporting body in England there is a difference.

Catching a few news items today it was laughably bizarre that Scottish Government Ministers such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both card carrying Scots through and through were waxing lyrical about a bid from a Country ie England they openly don’t support ?
Watching Gordon Brown jump through hoops for the media in support of a foreign Country was really odd,as no Scottish person would ever genuinely support England,every word he said was a lie.

sit up, beg, role over, support England for the cameras,theres a good Scottish faker then,aahhh.

Below are links to news items on this issue talking about how BRITAIN is supporting an ENGLISH bid ?
http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=1342722 Channel 4 World Cup

http://www.five.tv/news/?id=13464581&type=top_stories Channel 5 World cup

http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-13464581,00.html Sky News World Cup

http://www.itn.co.uk/news/1559061.html ITV News World Cup

All these articles are largely the same rather dry, pointing out that Scottish people are pushing an English bid without actually openly saying it.
Tessa Jowell bless her heart, on The ITV News Channel actually referred to England as a NATION, which I bet she has never done before, but then this is sport and this is England’s only allowed identity-sport nothing more, she is also(according to net sources quoted as) Tessa Jowell, the secretary of state with responsibility for sport, believes a sense of “national self-confidence” that has sprung from London’s 2012 Olympic victory could help an England bid for the 2018 World Cup”, Mmm sounds interesting National self confidenceNational surely not England is 9 Regions isn’t it ?.

My googleing did turn up a couple of note worthy items below
http://www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=79299 An article from Turkish Press was interesting as it was the only piece I saw that pointed out the oddity of foreigners supporting someone else’s bid(Nice work)

Secondly a bizarre mistake from a so called reporter for something called All Headline News about The BRITISH FA –What the heck is that I’ve never heard of it, so dunce cap goes to Danielle George – All Headline News Staff Reporter(congrats all round)
http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7001036793 British FA ?

Next a very poor website on betting outlining betting chances on who will host the 2018 World Cup and mentioning the potential ENGLAND BID, but ask for bets on the UK ? WHAT- yes the UK when did that happen-why bet on the UK hosting when England are doing it, a UK bet is an instant loss as they aren’t involved-somebody tell these people please.

Sport : Football World Cup 2018 Hosts
Saturday, 18 August 2018

Betting Exchange
UK ? eeeeerrrrrr NO I don’t think so.
7/2 odds
http://www.readabet.com/index.php/football/article/8210 Bet on the UK- eeerrrrr NO.

Oh dear oh dear some people, never mind we in England know who to support, the bid for the World Cup 2018 isn’t an English bid anyway but a bid by The British Government, the whole Raj machine via the English FA to get the World Cup not for England not for us but for them, papering over the fact that we the English are largely uninvolved and using words like England yet really meaning British ALL THE WAY.

“It’s us we the British Government are so great so talented look what we can do, oh shine that light on me please, we can bring the World Cup TO BRITAIN,kiss me love me, my legacy as Tony Blair all supreme ruler, I lie I bully, I discriminate against the English openly,but who cares I’m TONY Lord of all I survey”
(god I can feel a spitting image sketch there)
Does no one else see the propaganda of Scottish Ministers lying through their teeth in support of England when usually they would say white was black if it ment proving we didn’t exist.

If politicians want us to believe them,then foreign MP’s pretending to support England isn’t the way,lets have some English MP’s pushing it,if you can find any.


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