Nanny State sups on crazzzzy juice once again.

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Oh dear oh dear oh dear, whatever next, the Raj have done it again, and of course boys and girls where do you think this waking nightmare of twoddle only applies, Yes that’s right the British Government who are supposed to run Britain are only dictating to ENGLAND.
What is it this time you say-well the Raj have been busy putting out stunning directives you have to read to believe.
Schools in England are being told not to include games at Christmas Parties that may involve some form of competition in case someone loses and gets traumatised for life.
Winning and losing is however part of ones human development as a fully rounded person so a bit of both is needed to make you better at coping with life, whilst winning is clearly the way to go, you need to lose from time to time to keep sharp and continue winning.
(quotes taken from The
Santa Santa, Santa, your too scary oh my goodness.
British Government advisers have told teachers that children should be protected from the “terrifying” appearance of Santa at school Christmas parties.
Pantomimes are also regarded as psychological “scene of crime” sites, with teachers told to seat nervous pupils near an exit.

The advice, given by the communications unit of the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), was yesterday criticised by education specialists, who said learning to cope with fear was a vital part of growing up. The furore appeared to have led to a U-turn, with the advice being removed and the government denying it represented official policy.–name_page.html Daily news item on Scary Santa

Good news it would appear TB’s Raj have pulled their thumbs out of their backsides and withdrawn this la la land order. Manchester online article about Santa

Warnings to protect children from the “terrifying” appearance of Father Christmas at school parties have been withdrawn by the British Government; Parents’ groups had condemned the advice which they said threatened to destroy the magic of Christmas.
Those smart people in the Raj Government responded by pulling the advice off the website,don’t you just feel sooo proud that your taxes pay their wages.
(quotes taken from Manchester


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