The BBC show they are dumb or just racist idiots

December 23, 2005 at 8:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

The BBC today showed they just don’t want to know that the English exist outside of a UK identity blanket.
The story which has been covered several times during the day today was the one about Schools in England and Wales not having assemblies with so called Christian content and that they are supposedly breaking the law ?.
Personally I was amazed to find out that there was a law about this as these days Immigration and PC drum beaters have all but driven Christianity from Schools,the way it was going you’d think TB wanted it that way.
But this was not the BBC’s crime, no their crime was to have two graphics to show info regarding the two COUNTRIES, one for Wales showing about 65% of schools are largely secular, with the word WALES clearly visible with the Welsh flag prominently positioned next to it.
Now the wheels begin to come off as the conversation steers towards the Hellish hoards that reportedly reside in England with about 75% of schools not including Christianity in their assemblies, a second so called graphic appears on screen the word ENGLAND is present but next to it to my amazement and disbelief was not the National flag of my Country ie England but of the foreign British in the form of a Union Flag-why ? you ask, why would the BBC use the flag of a foreign country rather than get their facts right and use the National flag of England the St George. ?

Do the BBC not know what England’s flag is so use any old thing lying around ?

Is the BBC quite happy to broadcast news items that are blatantly wrong, but hey it’s only England so F**K the facts ?

The BBC seem quite capable of acknowledging Wales and Scotland and N Ireland but run screaming to a rubber room whenever the E word gets within a hundred yards of the news- why ?

The BBC and the Raj are intertwined, one bends over and the other one says- this won’t hurt a bit .
The dog lead around the neck of the BBC leads directly to TB’s Raj and the Raj in turn roll over and fetch for the Americans.
How dare the BBC actually think that broadcasting news that is wrong is ok ?.
I have sent a suitably worded complaint regarding this issue to the BBC and hopefully I will receive a response worthy of not being instant bin fodder but of explaining how the BBC don’t know what England’s flag is.


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  1. Never saw it mate, but I am not surprised. Please update your blog as to the reply.
    Well done mate

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