English Food is available if you look

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I have talked about this before and have no doubt will do it again at some point but here we go
FOOD LABELLING and my experience there of.

Following on from a chance read of a blog item care of The CEP Cambridge Blog regarding TESCO and there total inability to add 2+2 together and make England rather than some bastardised nonsense making some vague reference to Britain when meaning England,

http://cepcambs.blogspot.com/2005/12/tescos-anti-england-range-of-products.html TESCO ARTICLE

I must inform those who care that although it’s next to impossible to buy English food in England it can be done.
I work in retail and as such see packaging disasters regularly, whether it be Scottish milk on sale with British milk under POS that states ALL OUR MILK IS BRITISH ?,yet no English milk is available ?,or Scottish and Welsh meat on sale with British meat under POS that states BRITISH MEAT, yet again no English meat is to be found or most recently Scottish chickens on sale under POS stating ALL OUR CHICKENS ARE BRITISH-oh really so why are they Scottish and were are my English ones then.
Yet there is light at the end of this farce as about 3 years ago I set about doing my bit for England by pushing my MP Edward Garnier QC hard about the inequality of packaging in ASDA at the time, I had to show without question ASDA were wrong so I chose to deal with cheese as it gave me the widest method of comparison regarding labelling.
My choices Scottish cheese, Welsh cheese, Irish cheese, and cheese which had the word English on but didn’t seem to know this as it carried a Union flag?, but this fact was critical as it made the inequality concrete, blatantly obvious to all and undeniable, armed with these facts I emailed Garnier several times putting the screws in to get a result as he couldn’t say no as I was right and he had proof, Trading Standards, DEFRA, Hazel Blears all became part of my quest to get an English flag on food.
9 months of pressure finally paid off and a letter from Hazel Blears stating she didn’t think a Union flag on food with the word English on was wrong but even she HAD TO ADMIT it was inconsistent in comparison to the others,
thereafter cheese suddenly started coming in and OH MY GOD an English flag really was on it so a result, well almost, fish came in also with an English flag and ASDA currently sell 3 lines it used to be 4 but they repackaged one so it’s no more, one has also had the English flag mysteriously removed over time so really it’s only 2 lines, plus the strange mysterious habit of on the back stating product of UK ? not England, yet Scottish Salmon is still produced in Scotland ? yes annoying but considering the trouble I went to I let that one slide.
So for Cheese and some packed Fish lines it is possible to buy English at ASDA if you look, but still NO MEAT, NO MILK, NO SPUDS, the amount of times I push for action and get laughed at are numerous about flags on food but my success is, was undeniable.


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