Scottish guy stabs English Students in the back

January 10, 2006 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

According to the METRO free paper today,David JOCK Cameron has stabbed every English student in the back by coldly back tracking on a Conservative policy to abolish tuition fees. Yesterday he carmly sat there and justified squeezing English students for everything they’ve got to pay for his own Countries FREE Universities by stating”the money’s got to come from somewhere”?.
He is quoted as saying
“you want Universities that are well funded,with good tutors,good facilities,and I want as many people who think they are going to benefit from University to go”
He strangely forgot to mention that Universities in Scotland,Wales and NI already have plenty of these all thanks to us English tax payers.
So as he says “yes I’m afraid students are going to have to make a contribution”,does that mean ALL STUDENTS,why is it that the money only seems to need to come from somewhere IN ENGLAND ?.
I wonder is it because Scotland Wales and NI all have a mystery benefactor,50 million mystery benefactors I presume who’s taxes are routinely raided for the Jockish Nations.
The Raj and her saterlite partners of Wales and NI are parasites who drain the life out of England any way they can,it’s time England went to get de loused.
I find it quite extraordinary that again discrimination on an astonishingly huge scale is passed over by civil liberties groups and such and can not find one reason why we-The English should bank role people who should damn well be able to pay themselves.


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