Brown wants the black shirts back

January 14, 2006 at 8:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Gordon Brown over the last couple of days has been reported as wanting us all to get all mushy and fluffy over Scotlands Empire flag The Union Flag.
Daily Express Article about Britishness and Scotlands Raj flag

He reportedly wants a Britishness Day ?
This from a card carrying Scot who couldn’t give a s**t about England,why should anybody,whether Welsh,Scottish,English,or N Irish give two s**ts about a concept that’s been flogged to death and is a relic of history gratefully forgotten.
All this fawning over a white elephant that no one with any sense would touch is like some dodgy fascist routine-You will be British or else– or else what ?

What Britishness means to Wikipedia

Devolution has washed away even the vaguest notion of a UNIFIED IDENTITY,to suggest that Scotland,Wales,and N Ireland can have a recognised civic identity but England cannot is a crime of arrogance of stunning proportions,the instructions have been lost,the box thrown away and Britains shattered pieces are everywhere and cannot be glued back together with some right wing goose stepping about colonialism being GREAT!!.
As an Englishman I care little for this imposed foe Britishness,whatever that is ?
Gordon Brown must be one of only a small number of blinkered dewy eyed so called Brits left-you cannot sell poisoned milk to kids,and the Union Flag is a red white and blue poison pill no one wants.


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