ASDA show their sexist side

January 17, 2006 at 6:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Asda have for my mind, as Iceland have, with their That’s why MUMS go to Iceland slogan,so no MEN shop there obviously,gone down the sexist lets patronise route unfortunately by openly promoting a blatantly anti men promo about so called WONDER MUMS ?

According to ASDA’s own info it’s about special PEOPLE !! that have made a difference to childrens lives,so on the face of it their hearts in the right place but Wonder MUMS ? er sexism anyone ?plus amazingly you can be a wonder mum even if you aren’t a mum or astonishingly if your a MAN ?er reality check somebody ?

So lets clarify ASDA’s promo is about special people regardless of gender-yet they use a blatant sexist ploy of referring to Women as if only they can be good with children ?

So why as a Man can I not be a Wonder DAD ?

Asda have not thought this through-why would a man want to be a wonder MUM ?

The title suggests they want to alienate men and assume only women will enter !!,if ASDA had used their head they would of called this promotion Wonder Parent or Wonder People,The reverlation on the back in small print that you don’t even have to be a women to enter is a laughable nod to the fact that ASDA themselves know this promo is 100% anti men bias and are just heaping ridicule on themselves continuing with it.

If the leaflet read Wonder DADS we know with 100% certainty that 30 seconds after it went live thousands of Women would be marching on ASDA House with banners and jumping up and down whining about how sexist it was.

So two can play at that and ASDA’s new promotion IS thougherly patronising and SEXIST AGAINST MEN.


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