SO they do have schools in Scotland &Wales then!!.

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Following on from the fat frumpy one known as Ruth Kelly aka Education Minister for England (although she doesn’t seem to know this) and the reverlation that Schools she apparently runs are teaming with paedo’s,although England is never mentioned it is only England she can push around,the way she goes on you’d think she controlled Britain’s schools.

So following on from the mystery of does Scotland or Wales have schools,as they are never mentioned so one assumes they can’t have.
To answer this I checked the net for a reference to unsavoury types in Schools in the Raj heartland and was rewarded for my efforts-see links below
Scottish worries about paedophiles in their schools

Next up an interesting comment on a Welsh forum about whether Wales was also teaming with so and so’s below Welsh worries about Welsh schools
Has Kelly allowed sex offenders to teach in Welsh schools?Peter Black AM, 12 January 2006 Assembly education chair Peter Black AM is demanding urgent reassurances that sex offenders have not been allowed access to Welsh schools – after the Education Minster for England was revealed to have done so.Mr Black has tabled a series of questions to establish whether Welsh school children could also have been put at risk due to Ministers authorising sex offenders to work in schools. The questions have been submitted to Welsh Education Minister Jane Davidson, and Mr Black has also written posing the same questions to English Minister Ruth Kelly.He said: “The safety of our children is of paramount concern. What has happened in England is deeply worrying, and I am anxious that we should avoid such a situation in Wales.”Mr Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, has tabled four questions to education Minister Jane Davidson.1) Does the Welsh Assembly Government hold a separate register of sex offenders who are barred from working in Welsh schools to that held by the UK Department of Education?2) What arrangements apply in Wales to determine the suitability of people on the sex offenders register to work in Welsh schools?3) How many registered sex offenders are working in Welsh schools having been cleared to do so by a Government Minister?4) What role does she have in determining which registered sex offenders go on ‘List 99’?
(Above text all taken from Welsh forum)

So to conclude it would seem that Scotland and Wales do indeed have schools and they too have issues about child safety-so WHY DO WE IN ENGLAND NEVER HEAR ABOUT IT,to watch the news you’d be forgiven for thinking foreign schools were perfect and only England’s were crud,oh if that were only true, why are unsavoury types only being reported in England when Scotland and Wales clearly have them too.


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