Simon Hughes will stand up for the oppressed !!

January 27, 2006 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So I watched a bit of Simon Hughes Candidate speech on the news,he states he opposed apartheid and that he sticks up for Minority Groups however unpopular,and that he is committed to a society free and fair !!-VERY VERY INTERESTING.
So how can a man who claimed to support the creation of an English Parliament,because the English are victims of political Apartheid and we are an oppressed Minority who aren’t popular and live in a society that is only fair if your not English.
How can this man claim to support fairness when he recently back tracked on his so called support for the English and now doesn’t seem to think we need equal rights all of a sudden,how can he expect any support when the group of people who actually need his help are cast aside just prior to his candidacy! double standards anyone,are the thougherly oppressed unpopular 2nd class citizen English just too radioactive to touch I wonder,so there’s however unpopular-then there’s the English it would appear.
So exactly how discriminated against must one be,is there a scale of 1-10?
For a man who has just been outed as a big girl I would suggest he needs all the support he can get,perhaps 50 million oppressed English might help- HINT HINT.


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