Wah,Wah,Wah, we’re so hard done by

February 3, 2006 at 6:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Oh God talk about over kill,Muslim this Muslim that, Wah wah, oh poor old Mohammed he’s Sooo hard done by.
Having had a few cartoons printed that take the Michael out of him in what one had assumed was a FREE PRESS society in the West, we are proved spectacularly wrong by blanket coverage of Muslims Whining and moaning and threatening just about everyone with violence and retrobution all those who don’t kiss their butts with chocolate on, and that the Free World should apologise to Terrorists for telling it as it is – That Muslims are willing to threaten everybody at the drop of a hat – WOW a real innocent religion then,er NOT.
The very sight of countless mindless thugs burning flags and waving guns and destroying property just reinforces everything the cartoons said and didn’t say every time crazed would be Terrorists were shown smashing something up, the less and less credible these establishment Muslim spokespersons became because every word they said was Bullshit as it was instantly contradicted by news footage of what Muslims really are like-not fluffy caring sharing types but nut jobs with guns and waving signs threatening just about everyone else and wanting to hold the West to ransome-either do as we say or else !!

“No sorry but I’m bored of Muslims now-very very bored”-deal with living in the West OR LEAVE it’s that simple.

Recent events in Palestine with Hamas getting power shows Terrorists can do it,certain Muslims I have encountered think it’s great, and of course their not terrorists -No Freedom Fighters doing over the Jews.
A certain Muslim person I met jokingly pointed out that of course I was the wrong colour to have any rights,-that being because I am White English of course.

How many times does God get taken the piss out of ? LOADS
Do Christians Riot ? NO.
Problem solved,Muslims should convert to Christianity then they would feel better about themselves-JOB DONE.


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