February 8, 2006 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I’m lost for words really,Muslim terrorists pissing in public all over western society,here in England most of all in such a brazen fashion it beggars belief,news media giving live air time to wacked out Muslim madmen and saying yes of course it’s we (the west)who are wrong not a bunch of Gay Muslim sheep shagging shirtlifters who love the taste of their own bullshit.
Today I spoke to a muslim I know and asked as to whether he approved of the terror tactics,all the burning and intimidation etc,I was surprised by the answer which was that it is no problem and that YOU PEOPLE (meaning white English) don’t care about religion like WE DO ?and that it’s OUR DUTY to defend Islam.
So I pointed out he couldn’t seriously be saying that this was a credible example of what a supposide responsible religion should be doing as you don’t see Christians rioting every five minutes over someone BSing God?
His responce was unapologetic saying we’ll do anything when desperate !!!!!,and you should not offend Mohammed and that it’s OUR FAULT.
So there we have it Ladies and Gentlemen it’s officially our fault that Muslims are happy to use terrorism to force their will on people who would prefer they all FUCK OFF somewhere else.
The politicians who are allowing sharia law to take hold should all take their wives and daughters to some dodgy Muslim stink hole and see how great it is for women there,then they might see sense.


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  1. […] I unfortunately have first hand experience of what Islam is face to face and up close,not in a dark alley somewhere but in broad daylight at work most worryingly HERE,but also HERE,where the full force of this apparent ease at which threats of violence are seen as quite normal and it is me who is nuts. […]

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