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Oh JOY the cat is out of the bag and Muslim hypocrisy is in the open and raring to go.
Doesn’t the smell of a cozy cover up busted smell great!! OH BABY.
Muslims across the Globe are taking the chance to commit unspeakable crimes all because they think they can get away with it!!- YOUR BUSTED – book’em Dano.

One law for Muslims, intimidate everyone else.
Whilst checking out some of my main reads I was very pleased to read that

An Egyptian paper published those cartoons five months ago and no riots or murders of any kind took place !!!.

Read about this below

And Here

These blogs are great, RESPECT to them for exposing this double standard, can we all boycott Egypt now?
Perhaps not,.
If a Muslim paper prints pictures of Mohammed they are Guilty as charged and should be treated in a consistent fashion ie Bombed out of business according to Muslims !
But no- not a whisper not a window broken ?- God I love it when a bunch of bearded thugs get caught with one hand in their pants,it’s over-WE KNOW.
The Muslim so called Religion is disapearing under the weight of proof that they are Terrorists in all but official title.

Explain this Muslims if you can.


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