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So the LibDems won a Scottish seat wow big deal !!
Anyway,what caught my eye was the blatant and obvious use of the Scottish flag on Libdem signs YES the Lib Dems pandering to bare faced Nationalism,but not British,no Scottish,(oh horror of horrors Nationalists in the streets) where are the police at times like this I wonder ?.
No one was being arrested no one screaming for their lives why? hypocrisy thats why,being a proud(something or other) is fine outside of England but in England it’s a capital offense to be patriotic and English,patriotic and something else OK patriotic and English = jail cell.
This fanciful double standard really stuck in my throut,would we ever see a campaign in England run in this way ? ERRR NO.

I have wrote an email to the LibDems asking as to why they don’t operate in England.
email below
Dear Lib Dems

I am somewhat puzzled as to why according to your own info you don’t operate in England ?

According to your UK website I can contact you (UK) or Scotland,Wales or even N Ireland,that’s just marvellous,problem being I’m not from any of those places I’m from England and you have no contact details for us ? somewhat strange given WE might want to contact the English Lib Dems,if only they existed ?

ScotlandContact information for the Scottish Liberal Democrats is available from their website.

WalesContact information for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is available from their

According to your own website –We are a UK-based political party?
so the question has to be asked as to if your a UK Party
why do you have separate branches for three Regions of Britain, ie Scotland,Wales,NIreland but not for the Country of England ?
An English Lib Dems would solve this inequality right away I’m amazed you have never so far thought we in England might have an opinion-do you not want votes in England then ? because if you insist on blatantly missing us out it doesn’t look good,and what do they say The Customers Always Right-and as an Englishman I expect the same rights of access to an English Party as much as any Scot or Welsh person has to theirs,if I was Scottish or Welsh we wouldn’t be having this conversation but I’m not and an English doesn’t exist, I suggest you stop ignoring the English and support an English National Parliament so WE TOO can have devolution (full devolution) not this nonsense Regional rubbish.
I respectfully request an informative reply as to why the Lib Dems don’t according to your own info operate in England.

Who knows I may get a credible reply-MAYBE.
If you would like to contact them and ask please do.

General address
4 Cowley Street, London, SW1P 3NB, Great BritainTel: 020 7222 7999Fax: 020 7799 2170Email: hours of business: 9:30am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday


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