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If I hear one more time about fanatical Muslims demanding the World bow down to them because we(the West)dare to exist outside of Muslim rule I think I’m going to toss my cookies,as they say.
I am so sick of hearing some blowhard openly threaten retrobution on live news feeds daily to the point of utter utter disgust for Muslims overall,I’m sorry but I will not tolerate this (be under Muslim rule or die) routine one more second.
GO AND BOMB EGYPT THEN I SAY,if it will make you feel any better.
Western people especially Women who get brainwashed by this tripe are mindless traitors who I have no time for whatsoever.
I have to include this link to a really nice cartoon that nicely sums up the ridiculus dictatorship mentality that the Muslim hardliners have. Cartoon link(not mad suicide cartoons you’ll be glad to know)
If Muslims want to live in the West they are going to have to grasp that they are not in Kansas anymore and deal with NORMAL people not bedsheet wearing freaks with crazy laws.
If living in a free society is too harsh then they have my permission to crawl back under that stone they came from.
How would Muslims like the West to turn up and say right-that’s it your ALL GONNA BE CHRISTIAN NOW whether you like it or not,Women everywhere in shorts and little sexy tops giving Men a right eye full,NICE,-Booze available round the clock and Pork Chops the new favourite dish of the day -sounds great to me,doesn’t sound very extreme does it-NO.


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