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These pictures of thousands of brainwashed would be terrorists living here free is a frightning reality.

Extremist Muslims can now threaten violence at work.
So the slow acting poison of Islam has clawed at my being once more in a verbal assault in broad daylight, not once but twice.
Having spent a lot of man hours attempting to avoid the stink of foul mouthed mad men my bubble burst today as I experienced a vile tirade of Islamic Nazism first hand and up close.
Being one who vigorously stands up for free speech I made what I had thought was an amusing innocent comment about the now farcical pantomime of Western Capitulation and Terrorist activity known as THOSE CARTOONS-No sooner had the words left my mouth, I was briskly confronted by someone who up to this point I had never dreamed could be Mr Suicide Bomber, but I was proved spectacularly wrong as I was told

“don’t you ever, ever make fun of Muhammad again that’s my profit, you can’t say that”

at this point I was shocked and thought he was joking!! – er no apparently not, I pointed out “IT’S A JOKE- nobody worries about offending Christians” to which he replied

“YOU PEOPLE should care about your own religion more, that’s YOUR FAULT

at this point I was shocked and stunned that such a Nazi like tirade was actually taking place in broad daylight in a public place out of the blue ?
He continued

I’m really really angry you have no right to say that, if you say it again I’ll report you…”(report me to whom, the society for prevention of disagreeing with Islam ?)

I pointed out he was WAY out of line and that I was appalled at his behaviour, he just didn’t seem to grasp that he had openly threatened me in public, I said this is England you can’t threaten people like that to which he replied

“I don’t care you just can’t say that, you can’t insult MY profit”.

I said I totally disagree and we are going to have to agree to disagree-he didn’t want to, he just stormed off.
VERY VERY worrying that this society we now live in is openly promoting total obedience to this new threat of Islam and the misguided acceptance of Sharia Law, the almost audible sound of English society being buried under a mountain made up of western values discarded in favour of this madness masquerading as religion called Islam.


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  1. […] I unfortunately have first hand experience of what Islam is face to face and up close,not in a dark alley somewhere but in broad daylight at work most worryingly HERE,but also HERE,where the full force of this apparent ease at which threats of violence are seen as quite normal and it is me who is nuts. […]

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