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So there you are just innocently pointing out to a website that THEIR WRONG and can you please just correct this error asap- so no real drama- a quickie, thanks for that response,we’ll get right on it- yes,-NO.


—– Original Message —–
To: jwjager@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 12:45 PM
Subject: you are displaying the wrong flag for ENGLAND


I am writing to inform you that your website has a very BIG mistake on it, which once identified you will need to correct ASAP.
I chanced upon your website and happened upon a page which for reasons I cannot explain was seeming to be about England but strangely where one would expect to see the England flag,the flag of Britain is shown ? which is TOTALLY WRONG.
you need to change this flag to the flag of England ie the St George flag as you are offending the English,and displaying information that is incorrect,so for that reason alone an amendment to your website is required.
If you are unfamiliar with England’s National Flag may I suggest you consult wikipedia,LINKS BELOW


Most puzzling to me is that although you cannot correctly identify England’s flag you appear quite capable to identify both

and Wales

So the question has to be asked why get it SO VERY WRONG FOR ENGLAND ?
May I respectfully request a sensible informative reply detailing when this obvious mistake can be corrected,because if nothing else it makes YOU look bad for not knowing your facts.

(Yes I am from England, so I think I know my own National Flag)

Thanks for your observations. I did not see it but I wonder what flag they hoist at the Olympics for an English athlete. I passed your note on to our British expert.
Jan Jager

So Jan, an English Olympic Team ? WHAT !!funny last time I looked England didn’t have an Olympic Team but if we did I would logically expect the English Flag-duh!!.

Yet not one word on oh sorry will correct asap,-VERY POOR.

I received a manic follow on reply from a guy clearly sniffing something !!-BELOW

You are certainly energetic in your criticism of the choice of English flag for the Tapestry of Tucson! You are to be applauded for your patriotism.I did write the English Tapestry of Tucson because I was asked to. The darling elderly ladies I interviewed were a rare treat! HOWEVER, the introductory information, including choices of flags, was chosen (without consulting the people who wrote the personal Tapestry input) by either the people from who contracted with EMAT on the project or someone they delegated the job to. Now as to the choice of flag for England, coming from our non-participants’ point of view, we have polled other native English living in Tucson and elsewhere regarding what flag is displayed the most (for tourists and other visitors) in England, and the result of this survey was the same: the Union Jack. When I, myself was in England in 1995, I only saw the St. George flag displayed a few times, with other banners, such as naval ensigns, etc. and concluded that, the Union Jack was the winner by a landslide (in display). Besides, only Scotland’s St. Andrew’s cross is discernable in the mix, so Is England rethinking the acquisition of Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, etc.? I don’t think so. This is in hindsight because we DID NOT choose the flag.So maybe if the Union Jack really only represents the United Kingdom (England and Scotland) anyhow, it is still the most recognized flag around the globe. Charge it to public media misdirection.Mind you, I understand your frustration, but you are petitioning at the wrong court. We have passed on your concerns, however.I personally, have one English surname (Buckingham) in my background and have spent many hours (years) studying the history of the “Sceptered Isle”, and certainly know the English were major “players” in World events(ER NO). Your surname, interestingly, is usually found in the Celtic areas of Wales, Cornwall and sometimes Scotland (The Hebrides). Are you by chance a closet antiethnocentristic? Instead of fighting a personal war, why not visit an EMAT event and find out what fine, warm folks are there to greet you! Our potluck is GREAT!!Oh yes, if you have read the English Tapestry portion through, you might note that, according to the dear soul who worked for the royal family, the Queen “carries a gun in her purse and knows how to use it”! Good Show, Lizzie!Sincerely, Pat Anderson

Manic man or at least I think it’s a guy it could be a dippy Women,very nuts totally patronising,he/she hasn’t a clue what they are talking about this person knows shit about England I’m afraid and they seem to think it’s my fault for wanting them to do their jobs and correct a very basic error-just change the damn flag,how hard is that,TOO HARD so it would seem.

And what the hell is an anti ethnocentralist ?



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  1. Mate
    i have e-mailed them with my concerns also. well spotted

  2. antiethnocentralist … that would be opposed to something being centred around ethnicity I think.

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