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Water cannon used on so called supporters in 2000
So the World Cup is on the way.

Ok so England is in it,Scotland and Wales aren’t(boo hoo)no suprise there then.
We all know anyone who’s anyone supports the team playing England thats a given,and yes we all know a few morons get pissed and kick up a stink,but then so do fans of other Countries,so why is it then that this dinner time ITV News did a hatchet job on England fans saying they are all possible nutters,but the ultimate two finger gesture comes from having a Scottish Reporter do the entire item talking about fans that,given he was foreign he couldn’t give a damn about and quite probably was rubbing his (hands,or at least I hope that’s all it is)with glee that he could say how beastly the mutant English were.
Are there no English reporters anymore?,can only Scottish people appear on TV nowadays?,why do foreign reporters get jobs talking about Nations they dislike?

And why if England are playing, is BRITAIN sending Police,Britain isn’t in the World Cup? are there no Police England could send?.


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