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English Parliament calls rejected

Lord Falconer –Stinking Racist


Ministers have rejected calls for an English parliament.
Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer said
” Scotland and Wales needed their devolved institutions to stop policies being imposed on them from England”.
But the Scottish peer said there was
“absolutely no need” for such protection for the English – and there was no demand for it”.
WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS Lord Falconer (A Scot) must be in La La land if he thinks racist bigoted twoddle will go unnoticed !

AAAARRGH God he is talking out of his a**e, he should be shamed and forced to apologise openly to the CRE and The English for his openly blinkered fascist opinions, he has NO PLACE making sweeping statements about another Countries citizens ,and assume we will call it chocolate and kiss his behind, suck on this Nazi .

He continues-

“The effect of devolution is to allow a distinctively Scottish and Welsh agenda to be pursued. In England there is 80% of the population, there is just over 80% of MPs. There is absolutely no need for the sort of protection which comes for the Scots and the Welsh by having their own parliament of assembly.”

?????? SO what about a distinctively English agenda ?,don’t I have the right for MY OWN Country to be run in a way I SEE FIT, apparently not!,80% of MP’s maybe but 90% of those are foreign MP’s from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and other places entirely, your average MP(IN ENGLAND) nowadays isn’t from England at all, more often than not WE English have a jolly old Scottish person telling US what we are getting, not giving us what WE want!

He Continued

“The argument for devolution was that the Scots and the Welsh felt policies could be imposed upon them for which there was little or no support in Scotland or Wales. That’s why devolution was popular,” Lord Falconer said.

Really devolution is popular because you get dumped on by Westminster!!!, that sounds so familiar to me.
So Devolution is popular because it means being able to run your own Country without RAJ interference? oh you mean like Top up fees, and Foundation Hospitals that had no support, all imposed on England by foreign MP’S, ha oh how silly of me not to realize duh!!.

He said there was

“no demand at all for devolution to England or the English MPs only being able to vote on English issues”.

This man,this Scottish man,this unelected unaccountable to the English man, is a verruca,it’s time for surgery,now where’s my rubber gloves!.

For a grown man who I hope doesn’t wear plastic pants, to say something so totally out of touch with English opinion, I find the only fair solution is to get him a commode and sign him up for the funny farm, because he’s barking, every word he say’s should be utterly ignored.


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