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The Commonwealth Games starts in a few days, and of course we all know England is in it,hooray!!.

But did you know, the kind people at the Games seem to be suffering from a familiar disease,that of whitewashing England from History and modern thought and refering to the UK constantly in the Country info.

Did you know
“England occupies most of the southern two thirds of the Island of GB”,no mention of Country or proud historic Nation etc etc.

compare that to Scotlands flag waving chest beating entrance.
“Scotland is A NATION in North West Europe which takes up the northern third of the island of GB”

And apparently “the UK has few mineral resources”,yet “Scotlands economy is closely linked with that of the UK”,So what about Englands resources then ?
“The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent State until May 1st 1707”
yet England gets this “England has not had a separate identity as a Country since 1707”
Again differing fortunes,Scotland strutting about tail feathers a blaze of colour,England a mere after thought more of a drowned Rat image,no Country no Kingdom of, no mention of Nation State.


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