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This don’t mention the war stuff is so old it is dead and buried, and it really annoys the daylights out of me because IT’S BOLLOCKS.

Whilst I cannot claim to know what goes on in Schools,as the article is about BRITAIN not ENGLAND,making some vague drunken extremist twaddle about the war and football is of no historical value whatsoever.
Britain was in the war NOT ENGLAND,so we, ie England, did not fight Germany Britain did, there is no such thing as a Britain Football Team(thank God) so this, we did this or that is drunken halfwits getting their history all mixed up.
Why is it that as Britain was in the war do we not see the same idiotic arguments during a Scotland or Wales or NI sporting event,they were all Brits together,blitz spirit and all that so why do their fans not promote such toilet roll news coverage ?,because they should !!.
From a personal point of view I am not bothered one bit by your average German,I couldn’t give a monkeys really.
The analogy about the war is like comparing Apples and Oranges,it just doesn’t fit the facts,it’s just a convenient agro tool misused.


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