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On the Daily Politics show yesterday,an MP captioned up as Scottish Labour said about the new Education Bill”it’s really important in the way WE GOVERN OUR Children”,so who is we ?.
why is a Scottish MP making sweeping statements about a Bill that is only in England,that she shouldn’t be voting on,does not affect her or any of her constituents in any way or her children who the bill doesn’t affect because they are Scottish?
So why did she make this stupid remark ?

BECAUSE SHE CAN that’s why,Scottish,Welsh and Irish MP’s can amazingly vote on bills that don’t concern them,such as Tuition Fees(only in England) Foundation Hospitals(only in England),that farce over the partial smoking ban(only in England) all pushed through by MP’s who had nothing to do with the Bills in question and who’s constituents couldn’t care less at the result as it didn’t affect them.
That is the fair level playing field style of politics WE endure in England.


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