Scottish Raj may impose new time zone on England and Wales

March 19, 2006 at 5:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

According to a Sunday paper Scotland may get it’s own time zone before very long,by staying with GMT and having England and Wales move to European time.
A Lighter Evenings Bill is before the House of Lords,which will put England and Wales in line with mainland Europe 1 hour ahead of GMT in Winter and 2 hours ahead in Summer.

This item got me curious and I found a bit of interesting gen.

In October of 2004
Kent MP Nigel Beard said devolution means Scots should not have the power to determine time for the English. (IF ONLY HE KNEW)
In a Private Member’s Bill being introduced in parliament this week he wants to give English and Welsh MPs the power to change the clocks independently – and allow the Scottish parliament and Northern Irish assembly to follow if they wish.

In 1996
a Bill was put before Parliament with the intention of bringing the UK in line with Western Europe, one hour ahead of GMT in winter and two hours ahead in summer.

Isn’t it funny,this MP Nigel Beard says Scots should not have the power to determine time for the English !!! and that was two years ago,yet on both the 1996 and 2004 Bills it was defeated by Scottish votes BIG F**king surprise.

So now we have the situation in exactly the way the MP didn’t want,the Lords clearly stuffed full of Scots are to dictate to you and me without consultation what time zone we are in, using the same time zone as the 96/2004 Bills,but only for us poor defenseless English and Welsh who it would seem aren’t clever enough to decide for ourselves.
So much for English MP’s having a bit of power?


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