The White Dragon flag of England

March 22, 2006 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

This is the TRUE English National Flag of old,the Anglo Saxon English Flag- The White Dragon.

The White Dragon Flag of the English
The years around 450 AD witnessed the landing, in what was then Celtic Britain, of the first Anglo-Saxon war bands who were to go on and lay the foundation stones of what was to become the English Nation.
Two of these warrior traders, Hengest and Horsa, together with their Saxon, Angle and Jutish followers are traditionally regarded as the founders of England.
From the coast they gradually pushed inland up the rivers with small squadrons of ships whose crews became the founders of new communities as they advanced from East to West through Celtic Britain. During the next four centuries, the Saxon, Angle and Juttish settlers together with the northern Vikings, would become known collectively as the English. History records that the White Dragon was their emblem.
Various accounts of the times record many battles between armies carrying the Celtic British Red Dragon Banner (now the Welsh Dragon) and the white dragon flag of the early English.
Legend has it that the defeat of their Celtic enemies by the early English was foretold in a prophecy. It goes that in an underground lake slept two dragons. The Britons were represented by a red dragon and the English by a white dragon.
When they awoke they started fighting and the red dragon was overcome by the white one, symbolically representing the victory of the Anglo-Saxons over their Celtic adversaries.
I am 100% comfortable with the White Dragon as a genuine option for a rebirth of the old National Flag for a number of reasons.
1 This flag is a genuine piece of English History both in culture and a big what if ? had Harold won that day it would still be our National Flag.
2 This is a pure emblem untouched by fascist nutters and right wing propaganda of any sort,so can be displayed in a non threatening manner and will have no baggage.
3 I think not being a pure breed English chap,having Welsh and Irish,American and Canadian relatives,I want something I can really call mine,I was born in England etc etc,I feel 100% English even with a strong Celtic strain on my Dads side,so a rebranding of England under the White Dragon could I feel unite “various groups”under a banner they can’t cry about as it is NEW, or old depending on your point of view,most importantly IT IS NOT A SYMBOL OF RAJ COLONIALISM,it is free of the Empire stigma.

Below are a few links to the White Dragon theme and English merchandise to buy.

I am sure that many of you out there know all about the true England Flag,for those who didn’t,now you know,what do you think ?.


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  1. I think it should be a two-legged wyvern rather than a dragon.

    We Are the English and Ponto have got it wrong. See Wessex flag for what it should look like.

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