School System Crash Lands in the Twilight Zone

March 24, 2006 at 4:13 pm | Posted in England, Schools, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

Today a sad damning example of the deterioration of responsibility of Parents and the staggering lack of any kind of self control by today’s young kids.


Every school in England will have a nurse who can arrange secret abortions and hand out contraception, it emerged yesterday.

New guidelines will allow them to help pupils get the morning-after pill, pregnancy tests and terminations without their parents’ knowledge.

Family campaigners condemned the controversial guidance from the Department for Education and the Department of Health as “disgraceful”.

By 2010, every primary care trust Hospitals will be funded to have at least one full-time qualified nurse working with each small group of state primary schools and their local secondary.


This kind of story makes me really mad, so what are the Raj backstabbers proposing (only for England) of course, kids in Wales, Scotland and NI must be able to keep their legs crossed, it would seem, kids there clearly aren’t at it in the toilets like the stupid unwashed English kids obviously.

The plans were unveiled a day after Gordon Brown’s Budget slashed tax on condoms and other contraceptive products such as the morning-after pill as part of a drive to improve sexual health.

 so here we are again, a Scottish Politician making rules just for England that don’t affect his own Country, “oh how I am shocked”, does that mean contraceptive products are only cheap and cheerful in England I wonder ?

Mother-of-five Sue Axon, who recently lost her High Court battle to overturn government policy which allows girls under 16 to terminate a pregnancy without their parents’ knowledge, condemned the new guidance.

She said: “This is undermining the role of parents. I believe this will encourage children to have under-age sex.

Jack Scarisbrick, chairman of the charity Life, said: “The Government is relentlessly pressuring young people to be even more sexually active. There are some school nurses who are not allowed to give out aspirin or put plasters on children without their parents’ permission.

“But they can whisk a young girl off for an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. This condones if not encourages promiscuity and sexual activity.”

So is this scaremongering ? well I’m bloody scared, scared that kids in England are being handed condoms like sweets and being given the green light to commit an illegal act by the Raj, ie it’s ok to have sex under 16,NO IT IS NOT OK.

For God sake when I was at School we never had any of this, the only Nurse any of us saw was the nit nurse, the strongest advise we got was there, there is it better now ?.

We never went anywhere near sex education until I was in my late teens and no one in the right mind would of dreamed of showering kiddies with rubbers and expected us to do more than make big balloons out of them.

The Raj is encouraging kids to think about and act on thoughts and concepts that they are way too young to understand and their bodies barely out of baby fat,with hormones going 1000 miles an hour,yet only in England WHY ?

I’ve said it already don’t kids in Scotland, Wales and NI deserve to have their lives ruined by Politicians ?,why are English children the only test bed for the stagnation of society and the promotion of free for all sex parties care of Tony’s Cronies.

This early sexualisation of children is worrying because some may become targets for types no parent would want due to behaviour deemed acceptable by Government but unacceptable by  the rule of law.



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