Unsolved Mysteries are on the Case

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I had thought about this on and off for a while but never really got round to it as I have posted on this before.



but reading a fellow blogger Waking Hereward tonight raving about it got my juices up.

I'm a cynic by nature and the mysteries of existence are a Sci Fi channel midnight feast.

So to my Scooby Doo script-the one I prepared earlier ,as all good BP stories go!!

ENGLISH MEAT- fact or fiction,was the Alien Autopsy really a cover up about the existence of English Meat ?.

Was Roswell the crash site of a lorry carrying meat with an English St George flag on it ?

Is area 51 the only place in the World that an English Cow can be found ?

Does Elvira know the truth about meat not from Scotland,Wales,UK or Ireland,the mystery deepens ?

One reported sighting on a website in a domain far far away is EBLEXThe English Beef and Lamb Executive


On Eblex the mysteries of existence are explained in plain English about how Meat can only be called English if it's from England- so a no brainer there.

There are also some very funny ads to watch openly promoting English-not UK,English Meat

See Beefy and Lamby


Beefy and Lamby even have a bit on St George


So why is it that EBLEX would appear at least within the confines of their own website to really kick ass,but in reality their public profile is next to nil,no one knows about them,why ?

In the ads the English flag is pushed right up close to the viewer so there is NO mistaking the flag-yes England,so with such a cool bit of advertising,why is it still next to impossible to actually buy EBLEX meat ?

If it's so great where does it all go-can Scooby find it?-only for a Scooby snack !!

I have looked everywhere for EBLEX meat and have found exactly Zero,the only in store ads I have seem is for EBLEX's UK meat,so that's no good to me,I don't want Scottish meat thanks.

CAN ANYBODY IN ENGLAND PLEEEEASE find a genuine example of EBLEX english meat and let me know,because at this rate Nessie will be on the 6 o'clock news before this.



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