Denmark Holiday

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We are off today to Copenhagen,Denmark,so will be back in a few days.



Icons of Where ?,are you sure ?

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This populist twaddle about alleged icons has tweaked my gullet once more today.

After reading in the Express that they were in fact BRITISH ICONS not English, this suitably annoyed me enough to actually take some notice.

How the St George was a British icon heaven knows, obviously the Express know something the rest of the World don’t ?.

So to the issue itself namely ICONS OF ENGLAND.

According to the BBC

The ICONS – A Portrait of England project celebrates things which symbolise the nation, with nominations and votes made by the public.

So to the suitability of the list, remember the list is about England NOT BRITAIN.

of the list I saw these are my NO YOU ARE WRONG CLANGERS

Punch and Judy –No this is a Seaside show that could be in Scotland or Wales or England or wherever it is NOT an English only icon.

SS Empire –No this is a BRITISH ICON it has nothing to do with England alone.

Cup of Tea – Don’t make me laugh, this is drunk everywhere, if it is an icon it is Britain not England.

Routemaster Bus Yes and No,yes because they would appear to only run in England ? No because they are a symbol of the UK Capital not England

Spitfire – NO the Spitfire is an Icon of Britain not England

Mini Skirt – No this is a fashion item worn all over the World not just England,the BBC,bless um prove my point beautifully by using a laughable picture that contradicts the whole point-why not


modelled here by a woman with patriotic taste in carrier bags.(ha ha ha ha ha,oh stop me,ha ha ha),don't think so luv,since when is a Union Flag England,you dumb ass.

HMS Victory– No this was a British Warship representing them not England, it is a British icon not England.

Queens Head Stamp Design – No this is a British icon not England

Pubs – No this again is a British icon not England

Big Ben – No this is again a British icon not England

Brick Lane – No again a British icon not England.

You can view the list for yourself HERE

Plus you can find out that,Hooray the Raj,Wales and Northern Ireland will soon have their own icons,oh whoopee,HERE

So it would appear that over the next few months the Scottish icons of English tax money,and the Welsh icons of John Sex God Prescott will make themselves available to their lists.

I will admit to being somewhat underwhelmed by the list as over half have next to nothing to do with England and are largely a mishmash of UK symbols that shouldn't be there as they aren't valid,my only hope is that the so called Scottish and Welsh icons include similar glaring gaffs.

Not 1 not 2 but 3 Times the Fun

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As Ken Dodd used to say "what a wonderful day,what a wonderful day to find 3 bang to rights guilty politicians being butt f**ked on all the News channels in the full public glare of loud continuous laughter,oh how I chuckled and allowed a little smirk to appear.

Charles Clarke failing to pull the boot out of his arse,with no visible sign he knows what a shit storm looks like up close,the way he went on you'd think he'd just lost someones pen or something.DEAD MEAT

Patricia Hewitt BIG high 5 to the Nurses for telling this incompetent no hoper what the REAL WORLD smells like.

Two Jags Prescott,nails his secretary for a couple of years and has now been busted,lets hope his wife ISN'T the understanding type and he ends up selling little Prescott in public toilets.

From small acorns we grow ever more visible

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Now and again we find new shoots of England growing in amongst the poisonous minds of the WE LIVE style of Raj Government,without my special glasses I may of missed this chap hiding amongst the dross.

from BostonToday

New political party set up to give 'England more of a voice'

A PARISH councillor from Stickney has helped form a new political party.

Brian Wood is chairman of the England Party, which claims to want to 'redress the balance of equality' in the country.

If it gets into power it would insist on a separate voice for England by creating an English Parliament.

Charles Clarke is officially a Fat Twat

April 25, 2006 at 5:10 pm | Posted in Crime, England, Politics, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

Britain admitted on Tuesday it had freed over 1,000 foreign prisoners who should have been considered for deportation, including rapists and murderers, in a big embarrassment for Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government.

The Home Office said that over the last seven years, 1,023 criminals who should have been considered for deportation at the end of their sentences had simply been released.

They included three murderers, nine rapists, two guilty of manslaughter and 12 of sex offences of whom five were pedophiles.

The Home Office said it did not have any figures on whether any of them had reoffended.

Bloody F-ing marvellous,tough on crime,tough on the causes of crime,unless of course you are a foreign national,then go ahead rape,kill,maime,we don’t give a s**t according to the bumbling morons who masqurade as people even semi aware of how to do their jobs.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said he sincerely apologized for the mistake.

“It is clear that there has been a failure on our part to deal with all the cases we could have,” Clarke told reporters.

“I think one should be candid with failure. I don’t intend to resign on this matter.”

So this tosser isn’t prepared to resign over the fact that he is inept,what planet is this,have I just stepped of the stupid train or what!!,allowing 1,023 unacounted for prisoners the freedom to kill you or me is bloody F-ing a damn good reason for this fat ass wipe to be kicked out,and get someone in with the balls to clean this up!!.

Make up your own mind by reading SKY




All basically saying Charles Clarke is a bumbling twat.

Scottish Politician is Jingo Queen.

April 25, 2006 at 9:54 am | Posted in Devolution, Northern Ireland, Politics, Scotland | Leave a comment

Someone said it’s good to talk and according to the

Devolution 'made war on bigotry possible'

SCOTLAND would never have been able to tackle sectarianism without devolution, Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, claimed yesterday.

Addressing an audience in Belfast, Ms Jamieson said devolution had given Scottish politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

Oh how sweet it is- Devolution has given Scottish Politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

She said she hoped devolution would be restarted in Northern Ireland soon, to give politicians there the same opportunity.

So does she have equal enthusiasm for devolution to Start in England ?

Who can say, she chooses not to say, but I wonder if she would be quite so dewey eye’d if it were

The minister said: "We would never have started a sectarian action plan for Scotland without devolved government in Scotland.

"This national plan shows a great strength of devolution – which is that we can provide Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems."

“Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems",oh how wonderfully not Racist,not Nationalist of Jingoistic,oh to be Scottish and my tongue be free to utter such things.

she added: "Devolution offers great potential to deliver real change for your people. It will take similar bravery to tackle your own very unique and complex sectarian problems here

YOUR PEOPLE,YOUR PEOPLE, did she really just say that ?,(for a chantelle moment) OH MY GOD !,how non inclusive do you want to be,what about all those people who aren’t from Northern Ireland who live there, are they included in YOUR PEOPLE I think not.

So there you have it "Devolution offers great potential to deliver real change for your people"

It delivers “Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems",how nice.

Devolution had given Scottish politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

So words spoken in public which if repeated in England would create front page news as some sort of racist twaddle are greeted with cheers and smiles instead simply because the speaker is Scottish- oh how the tranquility of double standards must wash over the media like a pheromone spray.

We the 50 million people of England await this miracle from afar as yet unbestowed upon us by the mighty Raj,the specticle of .

Devolution to deliver English solutions for distinctly English problems,by the people of England for the people of England.

The Raj filled to overflow with Stepford clones who look and sound real,but are simply mouthpieces for a bigger evil-The Blind denial of Englands existance and the rights of it's people.


Is Keeley really a Perfect 10

April 25, 2006 at 8:41 am | Posted in England, Humour (English) | Leave a comment

If your asking me then HELL YES,put a cherry on her head and get me a spoon.

Keeley perfect 10.jpg

We do get around it seems

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Whilst checking out my WordPress stats I came across a little something,I got a link back to one of my recent posts about St George from a Scottish Blog HERE

I love to see that I do get around a bit and the guy didn't go nuts,so it's all good. 

The Telegraphs facts found wanting,DOH.

April 22, 2006 at 8:08 pm | Posted in England, Football, Sport, World Cup | Leave a comment

GOOOORDON BENNET,WordPress is a grumpy Girl tonight,if it was up to me she would be sleeping in the shed with the Cat tonight for this,sooooo very slow,I think she must want something ?.

So before she starts talking about Feeeelings,lets get on.

You me and the Dog know the World Cup is very soon BUT-Remind me again WHO is going to the World Cup ?

All those who said Britain can now leave the room and never darken my door again as your morons,but according to the Telegraph that is exactly who is going.

British fans have caused little or no trouble at recent international competitions.

No I didn’t know either I was under the impression English fans would go but obviously not, who knew ?

So to the Telegraph,I know it’s hard to think,I know you would rather be in bed thinking about the price of fish,but if you are going to write about the World Cup getting your Countries right REALLY HELPS, the fans are English fans,1+1= er don’t know we is toooo stuuupid,DOH.

Oh dear -our survey said-X,don’t pass go,don’t collect your 200 Quid.

Scottish MP does what we would LIKE to do but can’t (well not easily anyway)

April 21, 2006 at 8:20 pm | Posted in England, Scotland, st George | Leave a comment

The BBC reports a Scottish SNP MP has done the impossible if he was English,and flown the English Flag from his Office.

SNP MP flies the flag for England
A Nationalist MP has flown the St George's Cross from his Stornoway office to say thanks to English constituents who have voted SNP.

The gesture on Friday came on the last working day before St George's Day. Angus MacNeil, MP for the Western Isles, said he was also flying the St George Cross flag as a 'mark of respect' to England.

He said: "I feel it is important that we as Scots recognise the achievements of our neighbours."

I have to say a big thumbs up to the guy,it's so lucky he's Scottish as he'd be dead meat by a Liberty firing squad if he was English.

Such a big smile on his face and not a demonstrator in sight,what a wonderful thing it must be to experience


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