Welsh Nazi in Anti English House Sale

April 5, 2006 at 7:18 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, Politics, Wales | Leave a comment

Would you believe it,a couple of Welsh guys get away with an openly racist policy and the World doesn't end,what a surprise.

Click on the story link to read in detail

anti english story.jpg

Talk about double standards,can you imagine the s**t storm that would descend on an English person if they even hinted at a requirement that only English people could buy their house ?

Every media network on the planet would be camped outside their door waiting for Mr & Mrs racist to show their evil deformed carcases in public before their live and oh so gratuitous meeting with societies firing squad.

This is a case of one rule for some and s**t on a stick for the English,in this age of rampant PC zealots screeching at the merest incling of something that one of those so called X groups don't like,it is astonishing to note how silent the squirming masses of nosey parkers are just because the victims of this race hate are ENGLISH,and you can bet your boots that many on the face of it normal people in Wales who would usually not consider themselves racist would applaud this action,even if it exposed their bigotry in the process.

It is another in the growing list of examples of the fact that the English are the only group of people in the World you can be racist about and not get in trouble,yet if it was ANYBODY ELSE-instant frontpage,6 o'clock news. 


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