The Agony and the Ecstasy of Irony

April 10, 2006 at 5:45 pm | Posted in England, Health related, Human Rights, Humour (English), Politics, Wales | Leave a comment

Oh how I laughed when I spotted this little gem this afternoon,ho ho ho,.in todays Daily Mail the story of English Breast Cancer patients forced to pay £47,000 pounds in costs to get Herceptin at the same Hospital that Welsh Women GET FREE.


english women has to pay costs.jpg

Shropshire is just 2 miles from the Welsh Border,yet because it is in England and not Wales,English patients get screwed,whilst a Welsh person in the bed next door gets 5 star treatment,EQUAL ACCESS TO HEALTH PROVISION ?-not if your English,just die and get it over with.

NICE the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is playing Russian Roulette with English lives,whilst fluffing the pillows of every other Tom Dick or Harry who comes along.

The other side of the coin now with the humorous story of Welsh patients blubbing because they have to pay the beastly English prescription charges,aaaarrrggh didums.


welsh forced to cough up cash jpg.jpg

Oh oh,I'm laughing so much,oh I need a lie down,oh,where was I,oh yes,the poor downtrodden victimised Welsh patients having the indignity of being forced to pay full whack charges,how dreadfull it must be to have to pay ridiculas amounts for your soon to be free prescriptions,ER -NO –WELCOME TO ENGLAND the land of the unfree the land of Discrimination,ignorance and greed,all thanks to you and the Scots,you don't like it TOUGH S**T,now you know what English patients have to suffer everyday-get over it.

Prescription costs in Wales were frozen in 2001 and it is the assembly government's policy to make them free by 2007.

But only prescriptions from doctors registered with Welsh health boards are eligible for reduced charges.

This means people living on the Welsh border and registered with a doctor in England have to pay English charges.

Councillor Bob Wilcox told the BBC News website how villagers felt they were being penalised.

"We live in Wales but our doctor is based in Herefordshire in England," he said.

because it is an English registered practice it means when we go to Abergavenny to get our prescriptions we have to pay £6.65 instead of £3 if our doctor was registered in Wales

So the boot is on the other foot and it doesn't feel very nice does it,



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