Calling all Ex Blogger users on WordPress

April 17, 2006 at 2:29 pm | Posted in general, personal opinion, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This is a friendly Hi there to those of you who used to use Blogger and have now as I have moved to WordPress.

The reason for this post is just to gauge feelings amongst those,mostly of Blogger but to any persons from other blog platforms who now reside at WordPress,as to the satisfaction level of, and ease of use and general features of WordPress against other platforms,not just Blogger but others too.

I stopped using Blogger about a month ago because it was all going nuts with mass technical dramas and was very slow downloading pictures and just a pain in general,forever having to fiddle with HTML for the slightest things.

I find WordPress way nicer to use the writing and posting part doesn't have my computer throwing a fit like it did on Blogger,the only problem I seem to have is things like changing font size,which I've just stopped bothering about!,and the ever popular inability to use pictures in any kind of meaningful way ?.

Now with this unexpected sudden meltdown yesterday I am a bit unsure as to what to think,I left Blogger due to technical probs,now it's here too ? .



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