Delusional Jocks talk B***cks yet again

April 18, 2006 at 2:21 pm | Posted in England, Politics, Scotland, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

According to the Herald,Scottish people have been responding to a letter from an English person pointing out the truth that Scottish MP's via Britain cover the English tax payer hip deep in s**t,with a bizarre tirade of straight jacket requiring twaddle,blaming England for everything from the colour of tarmac to why water is wet.


What a load of ill informed B***cks,before Devolution there was no difference in Politics as everyone was governed by Westminster UK

with prize contraditions like

SO Edward Higginbottom thinks "the Scots already control spending in England in the shape of Gordon Brown". To accept this kind of logic one would also have to accept that the English took Scotland to war with Iraq in the shape of Tony Blair.

er, er, er, wait a minute England took Scotland to war ? er me thinky not actually,as Every self respecting English person knows good old Fuehrer Tony Blair is SCOTTISH,so I think you will find it's Scotland took England to war,thankyou very much !!!

Crack open the white vans break out the straight jackets the Jocks are coming to take away your favourite window seat at looneyville.


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