Since when does England suddenly mean Britain ?

April 19, 2006 at 8:49 pm | Posted in England | Leave a comment

An odd place to, it would seem, find a story about England,but the have done it.
englands fields story.jpg

Quite why it took a Scottish news media to report on an English item I don't know,but what I really want to know is why if the headline is


does a magical mystery tour suddenly take place and we see

Environment Campaigners are targeting MPs in a bid to protect BRITAINS fields.

So all of a sudden we aren't in Kansas anymore Toto,we've been transported to that special dimension only inhabited by morons who don't know where they are or what Countries fields need saving.

Does Scotland and Wales know they have been so generously included in this campaign to save England's fields ?

I would say not !.


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