The Guardian kicks facts square in the Nuts !

April 19, 2006 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Education, England, Politics, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

The Guardian Newspaper shoots itself in the head today with this clearly ill thought through and WRONG headline

England failing its new migrants (er don’t think so, Britain is actually)

READ IT HERE,,1756839,00.html

State-funded English language courses are struggling to cope with a sharp rise in demand, as an inquiry into the system of delivery reveals serious weaknesses, reports Max de Lotbinière.

Five years on from the launch of a new strategy to improve the English language skills of immigrants to Britain, the English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) sector is asking itself why it is still struggling to deliver effective courses.

Next month, a special inquiry into the problems of Esol provision in England, led by the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (Niace), is due to deliver its interim report. But the picture that is emerging reveals a system that is struggling to cope with a huge increase in demand, continuing shortage of teachers

Of course the scheme is failing if the Raj insist on taking in every stray person on the Globe and forcing them on England for God sake see sense,

why is there not a uniform distribution of people across Britain, ie actually send say 40% to England 30% to Scotland 20% to Wales and 10% to Northern Ireland then resources would not be so shredded in just one Country, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be forced to share the burden too, but of course they are Raj Countries so there is little chance of that is there, so what do they expect ?


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