The Telegraphs facts found wanting,DOH.

April 22, 2006 at 8:08 pm | Posted in England, Football, Sport, World Cup | Leave a comment

GOOOORDON BENNET,WordPress is a grumpy Girl tonight,if it was up to me she would be sleeping in the shed with the Cat tonight for this,sooooo very slow,I think she must want something ?.

So before she starts talking about Feeeelings,lets get on.

You me and the Dog know the World Cup is very soon BUT-Remind me again WHO is going to the World Cup ?

All those who said Britain can now leave the room and never darken my door again as your morons,but according to the Telegraph that is exactly who is going.

British fans have caused little or no trouble at recent international competitions.

No I didn’t know either I was under the impression English fans would go but obviously not, who knew ?

So to the Telegraph,I know it’s hard to think,I know you would rather be in bed thinking about the price of fish,but if you are going to write about the World Cup getting your Countries right REALLY HELPS, the fans are English fans,1+1= er don’t know we is toooo stuuupid,DOH.

Oh dear -our survey said-X,don’t pass go,don’t collect your 200 Quid.


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