Scottish Politician is Jingo Queen.

April 25, 2006 at 9:54 am | Posted in Devolution, Northern Ireland, Politics, Scotland | Leave a comment

Someone said it’s good to talk and according to the

Devolution 'made war on bigotry possible'

SCOTLAND would never have been able to tackle sectarianism without devolution, Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, claimed yesterday.

Addressing an audience in Belfast, Ms Jamieson said devolution had given Scottish politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

Oh how sweet it is- Devolution has given Scottish Politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

She said she hoped devolution would be restarted in Northern Ireland soon, to give politicians there the same opportunity.

So does she have equal enthusiasm for devolution to Start in England ?

Who can say, she chooses not to say, but I wonder if she would be quite so dewey eye’d if it were

The minister said: "We would never have started a sectarian action plan for Scotland without devolved government in Scotland.

"This national plan shows a great strength of devolution – which is that we can provide Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems."

“Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems",oh how wonderfully not Racist,not Nationalist of Jingoistic,oh to be Scottish and my tongue be free to utter such things.

she added: "Devolution offers great potential to deliver real change for your people. It will take similar bravery to tackle your own very unique and complex sectarian problems here

YOUR PEOPLE,YOUR PEOPLE, did she really just say that ?,(for a chantelle moment) OH MY GOD !,how non inclusive do you want to be,what about all those people who aren’t from Northern Ireland who live there, are they included in YOUR PEOPLE I think not.

So there you have it "Devolution offers great potential to deliver real change for your people"

It delivers “Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems",how nice.

Devolution had given Scottish politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

So words spoken in public which if repeated in England would create front page news as some sort of racist twaddle are greeted with cheers and smiles instead simply because the speaker is Scottish- oh how the tranquility of double standards must wash over the media like a pheromone spray.

We the 50 million people of England await this miracle from afar as yet unbestowed upon us by the mighty Raj,the specticle of .

Devolution to deliver English solutions for distinctly English problems,by the people of England for the people of England.

The Raj filled to overflow with Stepford clones who look and sound real,but are simply mouthpieces for a bigger evil-The Blind denial of Englands existance and the rights of it's people.



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