Icons of Where ?,are you sure ?

April 28, 2006 at 7:34 pm | Posted in England | 1 Comment

This populist twaddle about alleged icons has tweaked my gullet once more today.

After reading in the Express that they were in fact BRITISH ICONS not English, this suitably annoyed me enough to actually take some notice.

How the St George was a British icon heaven knows, obviously the Express know something the rest of the World don’t ?.

So to the issue itself namely ICONS OF ENGLAND.

According to the BBC

The ICONS – A Portrait of England project celebrates things which symbolise the nation, with nominations and votes made by the public.

So to the suitability of the list, remember the list is about England NOT BRITAIN.

of the list I saw these are my NO YOU ARE WRONG CLANGERS

Punch and Judy –No this is a Seaside show that could be in Scotland or Wales or England or wherever it is NOT an English only icon.

SS Empire –No this is a BRITISH ICON it has nothing to do with England alone.

Cup of Tea – Don’t make me laugh, this is drunk everywhere, if it is an icon it is Britain not England.

Routemaster Bus Yes and No,yes because they would appear to only run in England ? No because they are a symbol of the UK Capital not England

Spitfire – NO the Spitfire is an Icon of Britain not England

Mini Skirt – No this is a fashion item worn all over the World not just England,the BBC,bless um prove my point beautifully by using a laughable picture that contradicts the whole point-why not


modelled here by a woman with patriotic taste in carrier bags.(ha ha ha ha ha,oh stop me,ha ha ha),don't think so luv,since when is a Union Flag England,you dumb ass.

HMS Victory– No this was a British Warship representing them not England, it is a British icon not England.

Queens Head Stamp Design – No this is a British icon not England

Pubs – No this again is a British icon not England

Big Ben – No this is again a British icon not England

Brick Lane – No again a British icon not England.

You can view the list for yourself HERE

Plus you can find out that,Hooray the Raj,Wales and Northern Ireland will soon have their own icons,oh whoopee,HERE

So it would appear that over the next few months the Scottish icons of English tax money,and the Welsh icons of John Sex God Prescott will make themselves available to their lists.

I will admit to being somewhat underwhelmed by the list as over half have next to nothing to do with England and are largely a mishmash of UK symbols that shouldn't be there as they aren't valid,my only hope is that the so called Scottish and Welsh icons include similar glaring gaffs.


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  1. I could not agree more which is why we started the Welsh Icons website – http://www.welshicons.org.uk without recourse to tax payers money

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