What goes around comes around

May 8, 2006 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Devolution, England, Health related, Wales | 1 Comment

Operation delayed – because girl lives in Wales

A WELSH mother has been told her seven-year-old daughter's hip operation is being delayed because she lives in Wales.

Lowri Regan of Guilsfield near Welshpool claims she was told by Oswestry's orthopaedic hospital in Shropshire England,that her daughter, Jessica, whose hip joint keeps popping out of its socket, was less of a priority than English patients.

Well I never doesn’t a little payback smell nice, those poor hard done by Welsh patients who’s NHS service is sponsored by ENGLISH tax money to god knows how many millions, and have a level of service we in England can only dream of.

Whilst I have sympathy for the young girl, is there not a Welsh Hospital better placed to deal with this issue ?

if you go abroad for health care of course it will be different !!.

Pardon me for not going all soppy and mushy but we English are crapped on by the NHS and regularly have treatment denied to us that Welsh and Scottish patients get as the norm, quite often being in the same hospital as them but getting 3rd world treatment in the next bed.

Devolution has created a healthcare lottery, we may not like it but it is a stark fact for those who require specialist help, where you live could indeed decide whether you live or die it’s that simple.

Let’s remember, Scotland, Wales and NI run their own NHS, England DO NOT, the Scottish Raj tell us what crumbs we are getting.

The newspapers are regularly printing stories of poor old Johnny English,who can't get such and such a drug or treatment for no other reason than they are English,yet Mr and Mrs somebody else is getting it free next door.

Whilst it may be painful to deal with the healthcare lottery can hurt us all given the right or wrong health problem we may encounter during ones lifetime.

your postcode could be the kiss of death !!.


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  1. I’m glad that they’re taking their responsibilites seriously. I had an operation there put off twice – once for a footballer and once for a Saudi prince.

    There isn’t a Welsh hospital anywhere near Welshpool that could do her operation but that’s irrelevant. The hospital at Oswestry (RJAH) is one of the best in the world at what it does (without them I would probably be in a wheelchair by now) but it’s an English hospital and as such, English patients should take priority.

    Incidently, RJAH is administered by Shropshire NHS which also runs the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital which is giving Welsh women Herceptin for free but charging £43k per course for English women. Swings and roundabouts.

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